In some of the recent discussion about wardrobe size, I believe I mentioned that while I like a relatively large wardrobe with lots of options, I also hate having wardrobe orphans. (I'm not counting is something is in a specific capsule that sees less use in a given year. I haven't really been hiking this year due to an injury, for instance, but I will retain my hiking clothes.) Anyway, I post all this with the caveat that I'm not a numbers person and won't be counting, I go by feeling and my available space.

Anyway, my strategy as summer draws to a close (sob) is to create a capsule on YLF Finds of things that have been unworn as yet this year. I am doing a good job of wearing some of those items. My goal is to identify which items I just don't want to wear, and why, along with the items I try wearing and find have problems. Anyway, as you can see, I have too many tops and dresses, always my weaknesses. There are also some other items I don't have finds for (including things like tank tops, which I'm happy to keep around as the rate of them wearing out is high).

Believe it or not, I have culled a lot of items and been much more careful about what I brought in (1 in 2 out in some cases), but my summer wardrobe is still too big in that not all of it gets worn.

I know why I haven't worn some of these, and am not too worried:

-The Anthro dress below was supposed to be worn for an anniversary on Sunday (10th anniversary of our first date), but the weather did not cooperate and I wore jeans. It's a new piece that will find its time soon.

-The pink maxi skirt will probably come out at the Ren Faire next month - I don't dress up for the Faire as much as many other do, but like to get into the spirit of it a bit. We go each year.

-It takes me a while to wear all my patterned skirts. I will get to the other ones. I am buying fewer skirts as a result of this observation, though.

-The gingham dress has a zipper issue I need to deal with - it sticks and I need to use wax or a pencil to fix it.

-I don't expect to have many occasions for the very boho Lucky Brand dress. I may try seeing if I can use a topper to make it work appropriate.

Other observations:

-I tried the off the shoulder trend last year, hence having two tops like that, but I wear them with the shoulders up. The gingham top is my only summer gingham top, though. I hope to wear this week. The blue off the shoulder top just hasn't been worn so I may just not like it much beyond the pretty color.

-The aqua linen Boden sleeveless top has a mysterious small stain that won't go away, on the side towards the bottom. It's not in a very noticeable to anyone else, but it might bother me too much. I had it dry cleaned and pointed out the spot but it's still not completely gone.

-The Caslon pintucked top was misplaced for a while. It's gorgeous but the lining may be too tight towards the bottom - often a problem area for me on longer tops, since I'm short waisted and curvy. I want to wear it again and evaluate whether this is truly a dealbreaker, or if the lining can perhaps be tailored.

-The most interesting detail of the red tee is the sleeves, which get covered up if I wear it to work since it's always freezing in there.

-I really dug the idea of tunics a year or two ago. The Boden aqua one doesn't get worn anymore, probably because when I wear it over pants/jeans you can see the outline of them. I guess that means it's too tight, even though it would look fine on its own, aside from being too short.

My goal here is just identifying why things are orphans, and what the problem is with each one (if any). Since I don't do numbers and have enough space, there's not a particular goal of culling x number of garments. Anyway, I thought some of you might be interested in this, and/or have interesting observations.