Those layered necklaces really do make a difference in changing the mood of pieces you already had. It sounds like this has provided just enough of a twist to keep things interesting. Have you decided what you'll be doing for spring?

Thanks Jenn. Yes, the jewellery experimentation was fun and kept me interested. I’m almost decided on a theme for spring. I want to introduce more contrast and graphic prints and some different textures (swapping out the brocade, velvet, wool and leather for tweed and more jersey and cotton).

Brooklyn, that sounds interesting (your comment to Jenn about your spring look), I look forward to seeing the details.

Brooklyn, it has been such a treat to follow your project. Thank you for keeping us updated! Each batch of outfits has been lovelier than the last.

I am really liking the layered necklaces. Thanks for linking to the video and also for providing the specific lengths of necklaces you use -- numbers are SO helpful to me! I have a layered necklace look I want to try out although I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out a summer outfit that I feel will stand up to it. Hmm.

I look forward to seeing how your spring/summer theme develops. You mentioned that you have always had trouble settling on a single style moniker. I wonder, if you do these seasonal themes several times in a row, will some more overarching theme emerge?

Thanks SarahD8, I am glad you found that helpful. I plan to continue the layered necklace look through spring and summer. I think it can work against summer outfits but might be best against plain coloured tops or dresses (not patterns). And yes, I think if each seasonal theme is a gentle evolution of the last theme, some overarching themes might emerge (or I hope so anyway!)

I have really enjoyed this project, too. The dark romance theme appealed to me, but the cohesiveness of your approach combined with the variety of looks you put together were truly impressive. And of course ylf

That's definitely the direction I'm heading to for winter especially, love the asymmetry!

Brooklyn, I have enjoyed watching the Project dark romance. I am going to check out the video on necklace layering. Thanks for the tip. I love the burgundy colour on you. Gorgeous.
I am excited to hear your Spring project. Great idea to have a theme.

Wow, I love your layered necklaces. I would totally copy you except I'm almost positive I don't have enough different lengths to make it work. I really enjoyed following this project and I'm curious about your spring look now.