Hi all

A few more experiments in dark romance. I appreciate any feedback

Outfit 1 (pics 1-3): I was attracted to this top because of the baroque pattern and the yellow/gold tones. I thought it would pair well with my asymmetrical skirt, which has a yellow gold underskirt. I went with the baroque theme by wearing lots of pearl neckwear. Also wore my pearl handbag strap and mixed media jacket again. My DH liked this one.

Outfit 2 (pics 4-7): I bought this top for a special function. I like the colour and the subtle virago sleeves. Romantic in a not-too-over-the-top way. Again I tried to go with an opulent baroque theme by laying on the neckwear. Wearing 2 long double strand necklaces (doubled over) plus a brooch as a pendant. Outdoors I wore a coat layered over a long cardigan that has a drapey collar. I think the collar of the cardigan gives the neckline a more romantic cravat effect.

Outfit 3 (pics 8-9): The skirt, which I’ve had for a couple of years now, has a laser cut out pattern that gives a similar effect to lace (romantic!). Underneath, there are bands of red, yellow and blue that are more obvious IRL (the close up photos show the true colour better). I teamed this with my teal jacket, a brooch for more romance and gold braid handbag strap.

Outfit 4 (10-12): not baroque. At the start of this project I mentioned that I have a lot of geometrics in my wardrobe and I wasn’t sure how to dark romanticise them. Eg this windowpane pencil skirt. It is pretty classic in style, although it does have a black zip at the side for some edge. I added the heavy lace up boots, moto jacket, gloves, Alexander McQueen bracelet and brooches to punk things up a bit. Then layered on grey pearls (ring, bracelet, neck) for some romance. I repeated the green of my top in my bag. (I have a little dark green complement going in my wardrobe.)

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