Nodding along in agreement with all the comments. The teal jacket is gorgeous on you, and your new hair color is a lovely change for winter. Love the floral skirt, too!

Wow, those lace up boots! And to have them even in burgundy!!! They really are an determinative element for the dark romance you are doing now, with such a panache! Love the colors and the new jewelery, too!

I just went back and reviewed your whole series on your new dark romance vibe and LOVE how organized you were about it, and how it takes your existing style in a new direction but without a lot of change to your fundamental style. It's like you grew a new branch on your style tree but the trunk and other branches are still alive an healthy.

I especially love how you defined a long list of elements that would work for this new style and then found a bunch of them. I'm thinking about copying your approach....especially the shopping on Etsy for vintage costume jewelry and the tip about key ring jewelry making great purse jewelry.

I've long been a fan of your style, and this new look is really fantastic on you!

Windchime and Chris987, thanks! That’s exactly what I am trying to achieve - a slight shift in the direction of dark romance. Not a big change - so I can work with lots that I already have. The great thing about that list I made is that when I am putting together an outfit I can think - this is looking a bit hard edge, I need more romance. What can I add? Small touches like the floral bag charm give me a big thrill. (Yes, I am a fashion tragic.) And Etsy has so much unique stuff. It is totally addictive.

Lyn, thanks! Glad you like the boots. I had originally planned to buy them in burgundy but then I got black instead because it’s more versatile for me. The burgundy ones are on sale now but I am hoping for a deeper discount. Stalking...

And thanks Kathie!

I am so excited to read this post and all the comments!! I'll have to come back later today though to do it justice.

Could you possibly be any more gorgeous? I don't think so. WOW! Impossible to pick favourites here because all are great. But I do adore you in the teal. Your hair looks amazing with the bit of copper.

I love how you are incorporating bits of vintage and also love your dark florals. But more than anything I love how you picked a kind of theme to work with for the season. I am really interested to try something similar.

Love your use of layering and accessories. Your planning makes all the difference, too. It inspires me to get in my closet for capsule creation!

Thanks for the enthusiasm Beth Ann and Sterling!

Suz, thanks! I have found that having a theme has made me more focussed when considering purchases. I have rejected/returned a few things which I liked but which I felt were not contributing to the project. That's good for me because I don't want my wardrobe getting any bigger and I like pretty much everything in my wardrobe to work with everything else for maximum variety (although I know that is ambitious). If I stick with a theme, that is more realistic. And it's just a fun way to approach outfit creation. I hope you come up with a theme too!