I made it through the entire month of January without purchasing any clothing items. I did purchase skin care items though.

Overall I have been pleased with the results of my purchasing fast. It gets easier and easier each week. I rarely think about shopping any more. I firmly believe my sales shopping obsession is under control (but I will have to be aware of sale shopping pitfalls for my entire life). I have gained a deeper appreciation for the clothing I already own and don't feel the need to "fill wardrobe holes that I manufacture solely for the purpose of rationalizing still more shopping." Most importantly, the collective support from the Forum strengthened my resolve and helped me work through my personal shopping issues.

Despite all this support, I hesitated to post today because Angie doesn't agree with purchasing fasts. At first I was taken a back by her comment thinking that she didn't understand my motivations or goals. Regardless, it made me hesitate to continue to post.

But then I happened across this post: http://www.manrepeller.com/201.....pping.html. It was written by yet another woman that wanted to try a shopping fast. I found the article fun and I thought it might interest others on the Forum.

La Pedestrienne started her own shopping fast: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....asing-fast. I decided that January was successful and February is a short month so I am going to continue my purchasing fast through February. I have enough momentum from January that I think February will be easy.

There is a caveat. I mentioned that although I was on a purchasing fast, I was continuing to shop and put things in my cart. I put these pants in my cart last week. When I went back to delete them from my cart, I inadvertently purchased them. I called Banana Republic to cancel the order, but they shipped them any way.

So they are on their way to me. I decided this is good. I would like to try both of these pants on and see how they might or might not fit into my Spring wardrobe. But at this point I fully intend to return them to the store because I never meant to place the order in the first place (at least not consciously). I won't be derailed by a couple of glasses of wine.

A note on shipping. I placed the order on the evening of January 31st. They did not ship until February 4th (four days later and after I cancelled the order). They are not expected to arrive until February 10th. That is a week and half. Amazon Prime has spoiled me so much that a week and half seems absolutely stone age to me.

Oh, and I have stopped putting items in my carts from now on.