ETA: ugh... not much luck with this. I'm giving up on looking for a midi dress online. There's always a weird catch! This gorgeous denim dress had great fit, but I didn't notice the bottom buttons are missing? It's basically a knee-length dress with a cape. No thanks.
I'm keeping the white shorts, everything else is going back. Sorry, no pics this time.

I always find it so useful to read other's shopping strategies for the upcoming season, so I thought I'd share mine for S/S too. Here are some items I currently have on order.

#1. I am slightly intrigued by the biker shorts trend, but I would never feel comfortable wearing one out in public. But I DO like the idea of a longer leg. I tend to get chafing on my thighs when I wear too skimpy shorts, so this denim pair would do the trick. I also like that it's high waisted.

#2. I am on the hunt for a long sleeved midi dress, with button front. I haven't had any luck yet, either the fabric is too flimsy, or the pattern too grandma's furniture, or the dresses are black. I don't want a black summers dress! I want something light (but not see-through) and summery. This dark blue denim dress isn't really any of that, but I'm giving it a shot.

#3 & 4. I want a lightweight jacket in a new-to-me neutral. Something to toss over my shoulders when it's breezy. I am trying these two jackets. I hope they will look flattering with my summers dress (when I finally find it).

Thanks for reading. Will post an update when my items arrive!