After responding to Torontogirl’s about wardrobe boredom busters, I started to think more carefully about Wardrobe Workhorses.

I rarely predict a future workhorse at purchase. I may anticipate that a new pair of boots will be favorites, but they sit barely worn in the closet. In the same way, items I did not expect to wear frequently end up as workhorses.

A well defined color palette, consistency with style statement and adjectives, sticking with typical silhouette and brand preferences do not guarantee successful workhorse prediction.

Here’s what I can predict most of the time: Jeans, cardigan sweaters, winter coats. Why? I am not sure.

Sometimes I can predict shoes and some other knits, especially cashmere but not always....Much less success here....

I am terrible at predicting most everything seems very idiosyncratic and emotional to me.

How about you? Can you predict your future workhorses? If you can, how do you do it?