Because of my move at the end of August, I jumped on this challenge ahead of time. I wasn't going to report on this but in the comments I saw that many others are also moving and editing in preparation for that, so I'm putting down my own experience for possible reference. Please don't feel you need to read this long post if it's not your thing!

Unsolicited advice: If you're preparing to edit for a move, your first questions should concern space (for storage), climate, and lifestyle. Will you have less or more space to store your things? Is it the same climate or a new one? Is your lifestyle about to change significantly, e.g. retirement, new job, new baby? It's difficult to do, but try to think in terms of future needs vs. what you've been wearing now -- at least if any of these factors are going to differ.

  • In my case, I was going to have more storage space in the new house -- but difficulty transporting everything, since mine may be a temporary relocation and we had to take most everything in suitcases on a plane vs in a moving van/ trunks.
  • I moved to a more temperate, moderate, but much more rainy climate.
  • My lifestyle is going to be very similar. Work from home, teaching, presentations, a lot of walking.

I left some items back in a "holding zone" at my old home -- my big parkas (these can be retrieved if necessary), some heavy winter boots, certain sweaters. I'm not counting those as edited out -- but they're not part of the active wardrobe, either.

Here's a list of what I got rid of and why. I also put in brackets the approximate years/ seasons I've had and worn each item. (Finds for some below)

Worn out:

  • Cobalt shopper (handbag) (5)
  • Silver gladiators. (3)
  • Munro cranberry suede booties . (5)
  • Colourblock black/ navy peacoat (sob!!) (6)
  • Sweatshirt dress (sob!! -- loved this but kitty made a run in it!) (1)
  • Zara silk/cotton grey batwing sweater . (6)
  • Red/ white BR poly top sleeveless . (2)
  • Theory cable crew wool sweater, from consignment . (6)
  • Loft black knit peplum top (6)

Poor fit:

  • Black moto skinnies (gained a bit of weight) (6)
  • Silver Ecco summer sneakers (not enough support) . (5)
  • black Halogen pencil skirt (weight gain). (6)
  • Leopard print jeans (waist just never felt right even at a good size) (1)

Still in good shape & fits but retired due to style shifts:

  • TR Cameron BF jeans (low rise) . (5)
  • Black skinnies (low rise) . (5)
  • Halogen kick crops black (2)
  • Halogen kick crops red . (1)
  • Cognac saddle bag (don't like gold hardware) (3)
  • Blue camo BF shorts (low rise) . (4)
  • Silk abstract pattern top (3)

Items that just didn't work after putting them through their paces, e.g. they were experiments that in the end didn't feel like "me," they fit okay but never felt right, didn't work in my outfits, etc.

  • Floral kimono (not me) . (2)
  • Navy/ white gingham button front J. Crew (fabrication too soft) . (2)
  • Everlane navy silk SS. (2)
  • Everlane blue shell. (2)
  • Everlane red shell . (2)
  • Navy merino t-neck, BR . (1)
  • Lilac merino t-neck (1)
  • Grey merino t-neck (1)

Note: I do large seasonal edits in September and April, and this is my big September edit. But I tend to edit frequently, like Angie, and between that and in my September 2017 and Spring 2018 edits I had already culled about 60 pieces (for the same range of reasons.)

Overall, I average about 40-60 "retired" items per year. Which is around 1/3 of the wardrobe.

I guess you can look at this two ways. It's a lot of wardrobe churn...or not. Because most items I retire have 3-5 years of wear at minimum, which means that unless they're special occasion pieces they typically meet that arbitrary 30 wear threshold.

As you can see, I do make mistakes. Interestingly, my mistakes tend to be for "essentials" vs. statement items. Yes, I buy the odd statement that does not work out -- but more often I buy essentials (like turtlenecks) in the expectation I'll get a ton of wear from them, but for some reason they fail to work out as I had imagined or hoped, either due to quality, fit, or something else.

I have never regretted letting go of something. Oh -- wait -- I had a vintage pair of high waisted raw silk gaucho pants that I wish I could have kept -- but they were worn out anyway. So...

ETA: After examining for wear and fit, my main question is: does this item make me happy? Does it help me make good outfits or do I always feel "off" in it. If I tend to feel "off" in something, I'm pretty ruthless, however much it cost me. It's a sunk cost anyway, just sitting in the closet. Out, out, out with it, I say!!

Here are pics of my new closet. We have a massive amount of storage space here but it is oddly laid out. No drawers, so I bought some baskets/ boxes and am making do. I find in my new climate I still put a few things away seasonally (the last photo here -- I've boxed very lightweight items and put them in the guest room). But much more of my clothing is potentially usable across seasons.

1-2. Shirts/ blouses.

3. Shoes/ booties/ sandals (I have some boots and my coats in the hall closet downstairs).

4. Skirts and trousers.

5. Jackets (and in-use bags -- new item there!)

6. Dresses & long toppers (in another part of closet where Mr. Suz keeps his stuff, but it's the only full length area and I need room for midis.

7. Undies and socks in baskets.

8. Scarves, gym stuff, etc.

9. Sweaters, jeans, etc.

Phew! That's a long recap. If anyone has questions, let me know!

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