The items below seem to have a theme. They are mostly tops which is what I need for Spring and Summer. I hope they are in keeping with my Style Adjectives: Soft, Calm, Fresh, Classic, Polished. I am trying to add some interesting geometry or architectural interest to my silhouettes following the recent discussion of Kibbe types, etc. By architectural, I don't necessarily mean stiff looking, but different lengths, and shapes. My Kibbe type was strong Yang so I should be able to pull off straight and angular, but in my personal opinion straight paired with soft and light work best for me so I am trying to add an ethereal element at the same time; or at least to have a combination of crisp and soft, etc. The closest I have come to both architectural and soft are my Stella Carakasi purchases. Both of these additions came after the discussion about Kibbe types. I think my style adjectives may already allow for the ethereal, but it's harder to describe the architectural using my adjectives and I may just add it to the list, possibly subtracting classic?. (Thanks to Rachy for that term. )

The links below should lead to the Stella Carakasi items I purchased. I believe they are both sold out now in the color I purchased (Cloud), but you can at least get some idea of what I mean by soft architectural architectural/ ethereal architectural. I will do my best to post some pictures because these pieces look very interesting and I think of them like beautiful fabric sculpture that I get to wear.

In addition to the Carakasi pieces above, I either have ordered, or already have received the following items:

1. I bought the pearly white Birkenstock Florida's already. This style has been a staple in my closet for years and finding them in a new color is great, although I think they will be hard to keep clean.

2. Pink Birkenstock Gizeh's - These are to replace a pair of black patent leather Gizeh's. Is this style dated? These will not be my only shoes for the summer.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I will be making several trips to my favorite local shoe store and probably scouring the internet as well. Still looking for the perfect pair of comfortable all white sneakers.

3. An assortment of florals: I already own the Equipment Colleen Floral top (blue) pictured below. I love it, and think it's one of my best Spring/Summer purchases so far besides the Carakasi, and the Vince Camuto dress I posted a few weeks ago.. It has a small low contrast print. I thought I would try another low contrast print with the Eileen Fisher sleeveless mandarin collar top which is a longer tunic style, plus it will work with some other items in my closet and maybe the dewberry boatneck linen high low tunic below. I'm unsure of the charcoal color? I liked it's shape and don't have anything like it currently in my closet.

I would like to branch out of my comfort zone and try a higher contrast larger floral print to see how that works. My favorite is the Equipment Reese top with a yellow background and blue roses. My favorite top from fall/winter was a Reese poplin button down, so I know the cut of this shirt will work. It's the pattern I'm wondering about. I am also attracted to the Kut from the Kloth top. Do the sheer panels fit with my style or do they make the top too busy? I like the sleeve length, and thought maybe the sheer panels added some illusion of geometry at the top?

4. I am a devoted DVF Ballerina Cardigan collector. I don't think I've posted any WIW's of myself wearing them, but I have two already. One is for winter and one for spring/summer. Both are ivory. I wear them with jeans and with skirts/dresses. I prefer solids, but if anyone is interested they have some interesting gingham prints on the DVF website. I think this counts as adding geometry, plus I don't think it gets more classic than a wrap sweater. This one makes me happy so I wanted to share

5. Assorted tops, mostly blue because that's what I was searching for (blue, green and pink)

6. A white linen Regent blazer which I hope will fit (from J Crew). I tried on a larger size in the regular earlier this year, and I ordered it one size smaller in a tall instead of regular.

7. A Bobeau Asymmetrical Cardigan - I love these handy cardigans. They are great for travel. They fit in my purse. They don't wrinkle. They are light but warm so they are good for an air conditioned space or the evening in the summer over a sleeveless dress.

8. A J Crew Cotton Pencil skirt with an interesting geometric print, that I have no idea how I would wear??? Any thoughts? ( I may end up returning this one.) Print skirts confuse me.

Two items I am thinking about but have not ordered and would love your opinion about: Should I or shouldn't I?? Is this Lafayette NY 148 top too billowy for me?

A Mint Green Ludlow Blazer. Most blazers don't fit, but I'm always trying to find one that will. The picture makes the mint color look a little more washed out than I would like. Any tall people who have experience with this style? ( I have a lot of Ivory tops to wear along with it if it would work). My usual fit issues are the sleeves are too short, and there is too much fabric across the back when I order a size to fit my shoulders and sleeve length. ( I am not broad shouldered, just long)