salt-sea I have the Georgia top in flax, navy and ivory linen, and black raw silk. The raw silk is my least favorite...just looks too casual for work, so I wear it for weekends.

The new linen top I ordered this summer was the Josephine Top in black linen...OMGosh it is my favorite!! The little cap sleeve doesn't stick out like the Georgia tops sleeves (although I love them too and wear all the time), and the fit lays closer, even though it has a pretty pleat down the center back.

I have to say, for warmer temps, the flax linen is magical. Not stark like black, and the natural fiber color is resistant to dirt or stains. I was eating in my car this week before going into a clinic for an appointment, and I dripped catsup on the front...put a napkin underneath and rinsed with bottled water...completely gone and fabric dried in like 15 minutes!!

Fun thread!

Here's my summer '18 workhorses. For context, this summer we've traveled quite a bit, had a lot of vacation time, and spent a lot of time on the beach, so you'll note there's not much in here for work wear. Also our life is becoming much more casual, now that we've moved to an area of the city that is more casual.

I have been having the best luck this season with Anthropologie and American Eagle (the latter a place I hadn't shopped in for years). As well as continued luck with my local Macy's.

I've been "off" dresses lately, not counting casual maxi's for beach wear and comfy WFH wear. From Macy's I got these two beach cover-ups (white and black, upper left corner). They are true workhorses as I'm also using them as summer nightgowns! The navy maxi is from ON (last year) and is representative, as I have a few of these in different colors/stripes. I live in these ON Maxi's when I WFH in the summer, and also wear them after a day at the beach, with jean jacket over.

Also under beach wear I have this duster-length white linen-ish shirt from Inc/Macy's brand. Looks great over a bathing suit with sleeves rolled up. But I also think I can make it work over jeans; just haven't tried that as it's been too hot for jeans.

Meanwhile I've embraced shorts -- for the first time in ... oh maybe 10-15 years??? What's up with that? LOL. I think it's because you can now find high-rise shorts! The denim cutoffs are from AE, the two linen tie-waist shorts are from Anthro. Instead of a basic tee shirt I've been dressing them up with long sleeve breezy blouses from AE -- to feel still covered somewhat.

I've also embraced breezy loose pants from Anthro -- a pair of army green silk pants, and a pair of striped linen pants. To offset the looseness I pair with a more body fitting top or tee. That black sleeveless cowl neck? I've had it forever! It's SKIRT length!!! Skirt length works perfect with higher waisted, flowy pants. Bonus: these two pair of pants are just dressy enough they could pass for some of my work trips that are more casual / not customer facing. They are my go-to travel pants when I know I may run into colleagues en route.

Also the similar-looking green pants are Anthro joggers which are also... high waisted! (I am stocking up while I can on everything high waisted!! For reference, high waisted for me is 10" and no more and no less). Soooo comfy and soft and fit me so perfectly -- I am duplicating these in different colors. They are great for WFH in the AC, and for long distance flights. They are also highly appropriate "streetwear" around my new neighborhood.

On the work side to the right, my EF slim ankle length crepe pants continue to get a work out. I have been topping them with sleeveless blouses (just two examples shown). And this jumpsuit from Alfani at Macy's is a dream. I feel like I'm cheating when I wear it, as it feels like wearing Jammie's! Can wear with flats or wedge heels. To top it all off in the AC, this white jacket from AT (when customer-facing), white silk cardigan from BR, and my trusty LOFT jean jacket. Three day business meeting capsule - done!

Yes, pretty monochromatic -- black, white, medium blue, navy, olive -- works brilliantly for travel. But these are also the colors I'm drawn to again and again lately.

For footwear, sandals are from Macy's (forget the brand). Wedge heels also from Macy's (have had these for years). And finally white Tree Allbirds.

Bags not shown because I ran out of room. They include pink crossbody; black Lo's & Sons crossbody; black Lo's & Son's laptop bag, straw beach bag; white RM "fashion" backpack (still going strong).

Thanks dakotacheryl! Especially with the long wait time on ES orders I want to make an informed choice - your details are so helpful! The flax linen looks like a versatile color & fabric.

It’s fun to see everyone’s workhorses.
All my shoes are workhorses but I cannot pick one except for my PG studded kilties that work well in most seasons and are tough enough to wear as “rain shoes”.
As far as clothing, I need to layer to protect myself from the Arctic AC and have worn one of my BR Summer cardis every day.

No finds since most everything is secondhand, but I’ve been living in colorful sundresses, 3/4 sleeve cardis (for morning/evening/ac), and either flat sandals (coral, fuchsia, brown) or canvas tennies (blue, pink).

I love this formula but honestly...I’m sick of the dresses (I have 5 and I sort of wish I had twice as many). I think I’ll challenge myself to go a week without wearing them, and maybe try to switch up the shoes too.

Fun thread!

I have a large summer wardrobe, so I don't really end up with what I'd personally define as a "workhorse". But the work items that I have reached for multiple times are shown in finds, and not surprisingly, based on the weather than the fact they are an "outfit in one", are lose fitting dresses. I have no finds for a few separates I've been reaching for a lot: White lululemon culottes, white capris, and a short black knit skirt.

My Longchamps bag is awesome for weekends and soccer games, so it's been seeing a ton of use.

Actually, I DO have a workhorse: Shorts purchased from Costco. They are quick dry, stretchy, fit beautifully, have pockets, and are the perfect length. I foresaw this so bought black (doh) and also a dark teal colour.
I've been wearing them basically whenever they're not in the wash. And they were a whopping $13 I think.

My weekends and evenings are the above shorts, or another Costco purchase, a black skort, white shorts, and one of various tank tops. Trying to spread the love among these

I'm ridiculously lazy in the summer. I don't really bother with creativity and am in outdoor gear half the time. My most worn items, aside from loungewear, have been: jersey dresses, cotton sweaters, white denim jacket, Patagonia Baggies, full midi skirts (one silk, one linen) Uniqlo Supima tanks (LOVE these -- perfect with the skirts and the Baggies), flat sandals (mostly Chacos and Merrells) and sneakers. Finds and images are mostly exact representations of what I've been wearing -- except that my Chacos are a plummy-burgundy colour (finally replaced my old black pair and now match my sunglasses!) and my linen button-front skirt is olive, and my favorite Uniqlo tank top is a lighter sage green, rather than the olive shown.

Angie, what a fab and pretty collection of summer workhorses!

Sorry, too little time for photos. But I can report that these are among my summer workhorses so far:
● Sleeveless maxi dresses
● Breezy midi skirts
● White jeans
● Cropped cotton pants, white and black
● Lace camisoles
●•Short-sleeved cotton pullovers
● Tank tops
● Low-heeled sandals
● Large, thin, printed scarves worn as toppers
● Long button-front shirts, worn open, as toppers

For work my Eileen Fisher linen cotton knit tops - I have four! White, navy, coral and teal.
White NYDJ crops, Birkenstock sandals and Dooney bag.
For around the house I have a couple pair of nylon shorts and tees and another more worn pair of Birkenstocks - not so exciting.
Eileen Fisher dresses (cobalt and black) - not necessarily workhouses but they are excellent fallbacks for weddings, bridal showers and the like.