The dress (I have in jade) and the slides were both very well worn last summer. The dress seemed to slide from day to night, from flat slides to heels easily. I do need a topper to go over the top though - but it was such a hot summer it did not matter last year.

The black tee dress was bought in autumn but I have worn it a lot even in winter. I suspect it will be an all year workhorse - great for working at home, great for casual weekends, can be worn with flat shoes or ankle boots. I wear an olive cropped jacket over the top. I love it.



mntsofthemoon, we have many of the same pairs of shoes. Are we foot twins?

Carla, YES. Love those BR flats soooooo much. Duplicated right away. Instant workhorses.

Janet, for someone who loathes high heat, you are extremely well put together and look KILLER fab. I’d be none the wiser.

Suz, WOOHOO. Go Team Boden. Your usual blue and silver palette is smashing, and I’m loving the addition of the cognac. Warm wildcard.

Tex, FAB that you’re rocking burgundy in Summer. Why the heck not.

Lisa p, thanks for the kind words about my Summer wardrobe. (I am extremely happy with it!). Love that you’re wearing your dresses and feeling fab in them. Onto a tops refresh NEXT Summer.

Suntiger, I like how you’ve woven in earth tones for Summer.

AviaMariah, YAY. You are rocking our bikini. You go girl.

Joha, dresses are the best in high heat, and fab that you had them on standby. Looking arty.

Anchie, we like the same colours. Glad that you found your way beyond shorts.

Inge, love your blues, stripes and greens. SO YOU. And white footwear is the best

Ginger, if the dress uniform works - milk it. Lovely colours, and stay cool.

kkards, a fably casual navy and white Summer look.

Karie, are we going to see some of your own creations? I hope so.

UmmLila, loving the unique palette of the mix, and elegance of the midis.

Barbara Diane, cobalt is fab with black, and I bet you look fab in that outfit.

bj11111, PRETTY tops. Love them. And handing over a bib for popsicle eating.

DonnaF, WHAT? No heatwave? Cute cardis.

Jenn, loving the elegance of the long and flowy skirts, and the structure of the wraps. VERY you.

Toban, your olive and blue palette is divine with your complexion. The crisp white bag is a lovely fresh touch.

Synne, WOOOHOOO. Go Team White Jeans. Glad you found a fab pair.

RunCarla, you have relaxed into retired life with verve.

Smittie, OF COURSE there is navy - signature for you. Nice additions of watermelon, blush, floral and cognac too. Punchy.

Staysfit, you are Queen Midtone. GOOD JOB duplicating those sneaks.

Sal, thanks for thinking back to what you wore 6 months ago. The jade dress sounds lovely - have we seen it? The black dress has a fun ‘90s appeal to it too.

I'll chime in and echo the flexibility and comfort of white jeans along with silver metallic slip ons and a sleeveless flowy bright colored shirt. Your workhorse posts are fun!

Waving to my shoe twin. Thanks to you I have discovered i am a narrow in some shoes and my feet are getting more and more sensitive in the past 1.5 years. I am keen to your recommendations of comfort and i prefer feminine footwear :-).

My summer wardrobe is in bad shape and I haven't had time to focus on it this year. The only items I have been really happy with are:
- A black max dress with a high-low hem, although I would prefer it in another color
- Black rayon slim pants with a cognac shell and a kimono jacket that I have worn to a couple of more dressy events with my new cognac Naturalizer that I love.
- Sketcher Reggae Trailways sandals which are super comfortable and even fit my narrow feet. I wear these mostly at home.

Otherwise I have lived in Lucy and Lululemon pants with tee's. I also have a couple of cotton knit dresses but they need replacing. These are fine for home but I would prefer other options when I am away from home. But I just haven't discovered what I really what to wear. I have identified that I prefer dresses when it is really hot.

I'm drooling with envy over everyone's interesting choices. Me: wicking shorts and cotton tees. Zzzzzzzz.....

Well here are some lovely clothes in this thread.

I have to admit thought that my first thought was, how can many of you have SO MANY workhorses!!

I have 4. Two pair of sandals bought late 2017 (in finds) and two dresses bought late 2016. (mine is looser and longer on me than on the model)

Then I realised that I don't wear what I THINK of as summer (or high summer) clothes all that much, despite our long hot Australian summers.

I don't wear them to work, for example because of aircon. My work wardrobe is the same year round except that I wear different tops, in winter, layer and wear hose.

Last summer's vacation was spent camping,(so wore gearish stuff/ bathers) or hanging around at home (mostly old dresses that have been demoted thanks to stains or holes).

Plus some of what some of you guys wear in summer is more like autumn/ spring for us (e.g., any outfit with jeans).

So all in all you are wearing your clothes a lot longer than the time frame I am.

Apart from my Boden Eleanor dress, perhaps one more tee and just maybe a playsuit,(Bijou has been inspiring me!) I think I'm already well set for summer 2018-9

I am glad you are having a wonderful summer, Angie. Your summer wardrobe is so well thought out and looks fabulous. I do not do well in this hot and humid weather. I feel like I am wearing the same thing over and over again.

1/ Sanctuary Peace Trooper Utility Pants - I bought these in the camo last year and wore them so much I bought another pair this year in the green. They have been my go to this summer.
2/ Point Zero Linen Shorts in Natural - No Find - These come to about mid-thigh maybe slightly shorter. I wear them constantly.
3/ Natural Colour Shorts (cannot find the name) - No Find - These come to about mid-thigh. I bought these this summer because the above shorts were getting so much wear.

1/ Caslon Ivory long sleeved Tees - I duplicated this tee. I notice that it is growing or I am shrinking.
2/ Three Dots 3/4 sleeved Tees - I have been wearing the ivory and cream tees from my Three Dot capsule this summer.
3/ J. Crew Chambray Shirt - This has gotten so much wear it is going to need replacing soon.
4/ Brown Roots Graphic Tee - My favourite tee of all time - No Find.

1/ Finn Comfort Sandals
2/ Gizeh Bronze Birks
3/ Arizona Copper Birks
4/ Brown Flip Flops

1/ Mavi Denim Jacket

Fun thread! Lots of dresses. Love it!

In general, I've been having a good time trying new silhouettes.

I am enjoying my Loft wrap dress--the first wrap dress I've ever owned. I love how comfy it is. I like to wear it on its own, with jeans, or with capri-length leggings. It's very versatile.

I bought a jumpsuit from Anthro, a relatively new silhouette for me. It's a little dressy for everyday, but it's great for nights out.

I recently got some wide-leg pants, another first, which I had hemmed and taken in a bit in the thigh. I'm really enjoying trying looser bottoms. It helps beat the heat.

Then there are my old standbys, my J.Crew denim pencil skirt and J.Crew vintage tee. They're great for casual outings but still keep me looking polished.


Could you do a forum post like this every season? It’s actually really helpful to see what everyone’s tried and true are.

My usual palette of black, tan, ivory and navy...loads of linen and a smaller amount of silk crepe. I have the slides in black and a dark tan color.

Casual wear is gear at home and birks.

Our temps have def been on the cooler side this summer. I've turned on the furnace many mornings to take the chill off of the house (June through today).

Hehe, you can tell which of us have more temperate summers vs. more brutal ones. I can only tolerate the thought of jeans if I crank up the AC for a while and am going straight from car to air-conditioned evening event, and even then, my jeans are barely worn this summer.

Sadly, I have an anti-workhorse. I bought this cute linen jacket at the beginning of summer and have only worn it once. I've barely needed to reach for a jacket. Lesson learned -- no more summer jackets as long as we live in this climate.

Angie, I’m soooo bashful about posting me-mades. I need to get over that!

It’s been so hot here (and I love a hot summer) that I haven’t worn jeans or jackets at all. I’m loving that and wish it would never end!

I haven't gotten to wear my summer wardrobe yet, but there will be plenty of summer left when I get home since I live where summer lasts for six months. For the past three months, I've been traveling up the west coast in a RV from LA to northern Oregon and the daytime high temperatures have been from 55- 72F, usually around 68F. The photos below show my travel wardrobe. I've gone to three symphonies and two operas and wore the same black dress, black boots, and black moto jacket to every one. The black blazer has been useful to dress up jeans and a tee for nicer restaurants. The rest of the time I wear hiking clothes (not shown) or jeans, tee, and light topper. I brought a raincoat which has not been used, otherwise my travel wardrobe has worked well for my trip.

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This post makes me wish that more of my wardrobe was in Finds but I get so many items used that it's very difficult to catalog them. Anyway...I feel like I'm wearing the heck out of my summer clothes. White is a workhorse for me - crops, shorts, sandals, and new mule loafers are in heavy rotation. No jeans or heavy fabrics! It's much too hot. I've been wearing lots of dresses and skirts. I bought this purple bikini at the beginning of the summer and I've been wearing it a ton this summer (we have a pool). It's fun, flattering and makes me look... not exactly busty, but not flat either.

@anne: I have relaxed my definition of workhorse my loose definition is : items I wear every week, at least once a week.

I know Sarah, about wishing stuff was in Finds. I have been pretty diligent about adding all my new stuff. It makes forum participation more engaging and fun

Dakotacheryl, your summer wardrobe is beautiful and I am in love with it. I buy too much clothing to be able to really commit to Elizabeth Suzann (too expensive per wear for my current method of putting together outfits from a zillion t-shirt options) but I like to imagine I'll achieve that simplicity and cohesiveness someday.

Thanks from way 'down under' in New Zealand- we are now (hopefully!)
hitting spring- and all these gorgeous summer clothes really brightened my day.

Leaned heavily into my neutral palette this summer - white, blues, and cognac with some olive in the mix. I really really like it and felt really good about a lot of my purchases.

Echoing that I love this post full of workhorses, seeing so many great pieces here!

(Tried to add some more Madewell finds but their site doesn't seem to be playing well with the YLP bookmarklet)

My casual summer work horses were my play suits and cotton skirt and denim skirt and my work clothing work horse was my black dress with white accents and my white cape that provided a great light layer.

New lilac bag added a pop of colour and has been my favourite bag for 2018.

Dakotacheryl, looks like you have at least one Elizabeth Suzann Georgia top. May I ask what fabric(s) you have it in? I have it in ivory raw silk which I find pills quite a bit, but I love the cut & fit of it, so I'd like to get it in another fabric. Any advice?

Bijou, I LOVE that black pencil dress with the white slashes.

Mine has been a busy, yet casual summer, with lots of GMOG time. Whit denim has been my work horse! My long shorts, jeans and dress have been worn with a variety of tops, footwear and and accessories every week. My tan hat and cream bag have been on almost every outing. So far, not a single smudge or stain on my white denim. Miraculous!

My workhorses this summer have been bermudas/tshirts that I wear when I'm not leaving the house (not shown), new sandals in black, tan, and white, new white bag and my gold one from last year, and slightly dressier tops and pants in white, black, and olive. Mostly gold jewelry in fairly simple styles. Dresses remain an occasional thing for me, and I'm ok with that. I have not worn any sort of topper in many weeks, even in the evening, it's just too hot and humid.

That blasting AC thing that we talk about, where you need some sort of sweater/jacket, has only occurred ONCE for me all summer, in one restaurant that I don't go to very often. Of course that was the one time I didn't have a sweater with me

The first two tops (duplicates) have been spectacular, and I posted separately about them here:

I haven't any finds yet. This hot summer I loved my tops. I'm getting rid of most of my t-shirts and changing for blouses. I loved my sleeveless ones to wear with jeans. (Of course those are too hot during the day.) Also a few shiftdresses and one Boden dress Millie. I need lots more clothes if this weather is repeating.

Such wonderful outfits and finds. I am posting a few of the things that have seen lots of wear this summer. Apologies that I don't know how to do a find.

Anne, like Smittie, I consider it a workhorse if I wear it once a week or more. Most of the items in my collection come out more than once per week. Denim jacket and denim wide leg crops being an exception -- I added them because they'd be what I would reach for if it happened to be cooler and I wore them more than once a week in June.

It has been fun looking at everyone's workhorses. Not everything is in Finds, but everything white is in regular rotation...jeans, flats, bags, toppers. I have lots of hot weather clothes, moving from a place where summer was the dominent season to where there are longer springs and falls and cool nights and transitional things get more wear.

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Smittie and Suz, I consider once a week a workhorse too. What I meant was the I was only thinking of true summer things and that in a week, once I subtract
2 days of office wear
1 day of smart casual wear in aircon (so can wear jeans)
say, 1 day of not wearing workhorses,

That only gives me three days to wear "summer" workhorses so by definition I can only have at most 3 workhorses. And in fact I had really only 2 (apart from footwear)

I'm usually more of a lurker but I so enjoyed seeing everyone else's workhorses that I thought I'd share. I also had a major style shift this Summer. It has been said many times here on YLF that this was the season of dresses, and for me it's the first time I've ever had an easy time buying dresses off the rack. They have become my daily uniform, and it has been many months since I've even put on a pair of pants!

My absolute favorite dress is the one from Chaus below, scored at Ross for a mere $18. Despite its rather distinctive pattern, it is worn to work every week, and sometimes on the weekend too. I have several of the Charter Club dresses (they fit me really well and are often deeply discounted -- dangerous combo). The black and white plaid is my absolute favorite -- I have a special place in my heart for plaid dresses. The Anne Klein drawstring-waist dress is breezy and comfortable. All are machine washable, which is a big part of what makes them workhorses in the steamy Gulf Coast Summer!

I always need a topper for the AC at the office, and the JCrew cashmere hoodie is an old favorite for year-round wear. I buy a new black one annually. The JCrew cardigans are lightweight but not sheer, and work well both buttoned and unbuttoned. I have a few colors but have been surprised to find I wear white the most, as I typically go for darks or brights.

I also discovered Vionic flip flops this year, and wear them whenever I'm not at work. I even walk the dogs in the flatter style (Tide II) shown in Finds below. They have divine arch support, and wearing them so much has somehow made it easier to wear ballet flats to work daily -- normally I would have to alternate with Danskos or other more supportive shoes. My ballet flat of choice is Tieks -- navy and black have been in heavy rotation. My black ones are three years old now and I'm really impressed with how they've held up.