Hi Everyone -- We are at Week 11 of our challenge thread -- can you believe it? -- so it is probably a good time to get a consensus as to whether or not we wish to continue through December.

If having this challenge thread is still helpful, I would be more than happy to continue with the weekly posts. As an alternate plan, we could run one more week (getting us to Week 12 as our finale/wrap up), then break for the remainder of December and the holidays. Perhaps we could then start a new challenge after the New Year... or even in February when a lot of us get incredibly bored with our seasonal closet. One other suggestion was to have a "Shop Your Closet" (SYC) support thread. I am open to all suggestions.

For those new to this: The "Post Your Personal Style Challenge" thread was an idea originally proposed by forum member Carter in her post: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....slide-long

Continuing with our weekly thread, here is your spot to post your own ongoing or brand new challenge(s) as well as to give updates and reports. Feel free to jump in at any time, even if you missed the last several postings. Your personal style challenge could be one that extends through the whole season or something that is of a more limited time frame (a month or even just a week or two to get you through the seasonal transition). Pictures of items from your challenge and "What I Wore" photos are, of course, most welcome but not required. Please also feel free to refer directly to your own separate challenge postings. Feel free to pop in and out as the mood strikes you and as time and energy allow.

For ideas of what other forum members are doing in terms of challenges check out Carter's initial thread (above) as well as our past weekly threads:

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