This thread is YLF tradition, and I love it. Great inspiration, visual eye candy, and a way for me to adore your looks all over again. It's also very interesting to know which were your favourite looks, and why. Do a little soul searching, ladies.

I'll go first:

Of all the outfits that I posted on YLF this year, the ones below were my favourites. My birthday blue lace dress holds top position, while the other four are tied for second place. Lace, white pearls, metallics, shine, tomato red, sour yellows, ink blue, white jeans, dark denim, dainty footwear, white footwear, pretty blouses, green specs, Ray-Ban sunnies, modern classic patterns, retro styling, ankle straps, and a nod to fashionable trends. These all made me very happy in 2016.

Over to you.