Angie, I sm sorry that you are sad and hope that all is well. I need a faux fur vest or jacket to be matchy matchy with Maggie.

Thanks for the sweet words, Angie, and BIG HUG!!

YES, Joy. Or a luminous orange hat for when you shovel snow with Maggie.

HUGS BACK, Inge. See you soon.

Here are some of my matchy combinations that I have worn. Interestingly, they mix and match with each other, thanks to the print in that floral clutch!

1 floral clutch and floral boots
2 blue leather moto, blue JCrew sweater, and three favorite patterned scarves
3-4 Vigal Azrouel leather jacket and two different Club Monaco shirts plus a Burberry plaid shirt.

Obviously there's the matching sweater and accessories. Then, this coral coat hopped into my cart when I was ordering white flares. It looks pretty with my Zara top. Hope the tea is lifting your spirits.

Janet, GORGEOUS, but the flowers win first prize.

Meredith, doggie matching is the BEST matching of all. Give your crew a cuddle for me. Gorgeous jacket.

Well , what do you know - I wore my BR acid green coat today with a grey /same acid green cashmere sweater underneath . Everything else black : boots , bag , scarf , pants . I got so many compliments today ( and I sincerely hope I'm not being a jerk for saying so since it's been ages since I've dressed up and felt decent about myself ) I was astounded . I kinda liked the matching business

More matchy- matchup goodness. At work today in stripes
Hope you are feeling better soon Angie

Angie, I hope everything's ok and you're feeling better. XO

Angie I am sorry that you are feeling sad. Hugs from afar.

I use to have a furry white sweater when I had my first Samoyed. Mr SF #1 said I matched Tasha. The sweater was similar to this vest.

Can't wait, Angie! (Hope you are feeling a little lighter today.)

Now when I think about it, it seems that people notice and usually compliment matchy-matchy.

I love matchy-matchy too and enjoyed all the goodness in this thread!
I'll just post my most recent match (belt) which I didn't realize until I put it in my finds.

I don't think of myself as liking matchy-matchy, but after looking at these posts I guess I do! I love all these combos.

Sorry you're feeling down, Angie.

Thank you, ladies. Feeling better, although it's a very sad day in the US today for half of us.

Lisap, I love when you wear colour. No wonder you got compliments.

Fun cherries and stripes, C1 and Lucy.

Donna, that's Matchy-Matchy Pewter Fabness.

Style Fan, matching our fur babies is best. I love to match Sam too. See pic of our matching coats.

I definitely have the match match gene. My Union Jack collection is one that I find very fun. Having always admired the punk style and Alexander McQueen, it is a motif that I enjoy wearing (maybe because I am not English, for me it is a fashion not a patriotic statement). The Gucci sweater is not something I own, but it definitely caught my eye so I have added it, just for fun.

I also bought some dark floral boots and have been acquiring items to work with those...the dark floral coat was a recent addition.

Wear your stripes at the same time, Emily. Why not. FUN.

Bijou, LOVE your floral matches. Amazing. And your Union Jack stash is adorable.

Rebekahphoto, great cat stash. You should absolutely wear some of those items together.

Angie, I hope you are feeling a little better and happier today.

I have realized that I have a plenty of almost but not quite perfect matches (to my dismay), but not so many perfect ones. BR seems to always come up with scarves that match their patterned clothing items. I have two such combos. They are so useful in my wardrobe that I have decided, in the future, always to buy a matching scarf if it exists.

Sam and Angie matchy matchy... thanks for the smile, you just made my day brighter!

Tanya, your matching scarves and blouses are soooo gorgeous. LOVE. I am going to wear that this year. You inspired me. See below. Feeling better thanks.

kkards, appreciate the therapeutic comment.

Angie, you are so kind, thanks! I am so humbled to have inspired you. Your two matching sets of blouses and scarves are gorgeous and so you. I would totally wear them as well if they came in cooler colors.