Or, would you wear this pajama top as a real shirt?

I ordered these pajamas specifically for my loungewear capsule and mostly for the shirt to fit into an olive capsule. I have found it harder than expected to find items with a bit of olive-y color. All but the smallest size were sold out and I knew the pants would never fit unless it ran huge, and probably not the shirt. But stubbornly ordered anyway.

So the pants do not fit but the shirt does and I love colors in the print-quiet but seem to go with a lot of things as have navy, more blue, olive, blush, dove grays. It is very nice tucked , and the silk-cotton fabric gives the drape I need for tucking shirts, otherwise crisp fabrics don't work well for me; though, for just at home I would wear untucked, likely.

I will have to struggle with K/R since I can only use the top but now that it is in my house and I have played with it, it is growing hooks, and I am quite tempted to say what the heck and wear a pajama top as a regular shirt including for "non-business business casual" (meaning low-stakes , now retired). I could change the buttons--though would still have to use same size button.
Have shown with my ancient linen jacket and a casual olive rayon pant, then navy pleated pants with the Nic + Zoe coral jacket, and RL silk jacket. I would also wear for pandemic out-of-the house to stay in practice for later.

I mean, what is the likelihood that someone will say, "Er, I think you forgot to change out of your pajama top because I have seen that very thing on the Nordstrom website as I was shopping for WFH loungewear?" Of course they might THINK it, but who cares?

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