This coming week, Mr.soon-to-be CS and I will be flying to Portland and back to support my younger son through some major (elective- he isn't ill) surgery. I'm starting to think about what to pack, and wanted ideas and opinions.

The weather is expected to be hot (90-100°F). We are flying in Wed night, and back out Sun afternoon, so two travel days one day at hospital and two recovery days at a local Air B&B. Other than errands related to food/medicine, we will just be at the Air B&B.

I'm not checking a bag, so space is limited, but I have a nice weekender backpack with a separate shoe compartment and laptop sleeve (I'll be wfh Thu, Fri).

I am thinking of bringing two workout outfits (sports bra, leggings, sleeveless tops, socks and running shoes), for taking walks and doing yoga. I don't mind wearing the same outfit two days in a row to save space, but I don't think I can go more than that. For flying out, I was planning on my olive green draw string pants from ON, a black graphic tee, and a denim shirt (which can be tied round my waist if not needed, or used as a topper for warmth) with slip on shoes. I was planning on wearing the same pants to the hospital the next day, and also for the flight home. I have two more black graphic tees that I will bring. I think I'll add jeans for back up. For the two days sitting around, I was planning on denim shorts, and swingy tanks. I'll bring sleep shorts and tanks for sleeping, and add a lightweight robe for lounging since weare sharing the Air B&B with my son and his partner. I think I will also add another pair of house shoes.
It's been so long since I've traveled anywhere!