No, never. I see women wearing them but there is usually way too much hip jiggle even if the leggings are thick. Last week a waitress wearing the thick black pair bent over to pick up something. she showed everyone that she had on a white thong undergarment. She had a nice figure, but her bottom was clearly on display. Not worth it,

Thanks for clarifying the criteria, Angie. I definitely wear leggings as pants. Usually with mini dresses in various cuts. There's a length for dresses on me (somewhere in mid-thigh), below which bare legs, hose, and tights are okay; if shorter than that, it's got to be leggings or skinny jeans underneath.

However I consider myself a strong adherent of the "Leggings Are Not
Pants" principle, by which I mean that leggings shouldn't be worn
without a bum-covering top. That's how most of the folks I know would
understand the statement.

I do see people wearing leggings without a bum-covering top and that
is what looks off/objectionable to me (unless you are working out)


If you are wearing leggings as pants, then the bum/crotch is showing. If it's not, then you are wearing leggings as leggings. Which is fine for the gym, or going for a run.

And then of course, some people wear pants as leggings....

I don’t wear leggings as pants, but am open to the idea, especially fleece-lined ones.

I do not wear leggings as pants. Even when wearing them to the gym, I wear them with oversized t-shirts, thus conforming to the "cover thy tush" rule. I do wear leggings underneath skirts in winter for extra warmth. I like the look of leggings under a short skirt as Angie showed, but was relentlessly mocked by my eleven year old daughter the last time I tried it.

Said daughter frequently wears leggings with skimpy tops. This always seems to me vaguely inappropriate for school, but I am relieved to see that this is apparently acceptable, at least for the younglings.

Synne, thanks for the kind words. I think the outfit looks sufficiently current too. I'd wear it today with pointy toe ballet flats - no heels - although I'm not into pencil skirts these days....

OKAY. The plot thickens and I like it!

Thanks to SaraD8, Elizabeth, Delurked, Suz, La Peds and Jenni's comments, we have THREE ways to wear leggings:

1. As Pants - butt and more is uncovered.
2. As Leggings - butt and some or all of the thighs are covered.
3. As Hosiery - with another bottom like a skirt, long dress, shorts or pants.

I like to wear leggings as HOSIERY.

Sara L, you wear leggings as leggings.

At almost 70, I now wear thick leggings, jeggings or skinnies virtually ALL the time. I am not skinny, but I am tall and have relatively nice legs still, which are flattered by these bottoms as long as I get the bum-covering top proportions right. And you cannot beat the stretch element for superb comfort and freedom of movement combined with a neat, trim look. Tops and footwear vary depending on the formality or lack thereof of the occasion. I love them with a beautiful long blazer, crisp blouse and over-the-knee boots as much as with a cavalier knit and booties or a long shaped tee and sneakers or flats. I feel this formula is as appropriate for this time and place as my skirted business suits and heels were in my office back in the 80s. And I will not be shamed for this attitude.

Btw, I consider the tunic-and full-coverage-tight-pants combo a very 21st-century style that I predicted 40 years ago, back in the Star Trek days, but at that time I expected it to be adopted by both women and men.

Nope, never, though I don't mind the look on others. I like Elizabeth's gusset rule too.

I feel like I’m going to end up being the only person on here wearing them as pants lol

Nope, not a fan of leggings (or jeggings or super stretchy skinnies, for that matter!) worn without tunics or long tops on top, unless it’s at home or at the gym.

A few weeks ago, I startled by the sight of woman, apparently nude from waist to knee, walking around the mall. As she moved closer, I saw she was actually wearing pink-toned leggings with her short navy puffer and tall boots. Judging from the reactions around me, others were experiencing a similar impression. I have no idea if there were pockets on those leggings, but I doubt it would have made a difference.

I wear them all three ways, but most often with a miniskirt, which provides me with pockets. When I wear them as pants, inevitably they have back pockets and they are basically fake skinny jeans. They have to fit smooth and be heavy enough to avoid ‘panty line.’

I always cover my "panty line" when I wear them, love that term. If I wear ponte pants, I generally make sure at least the back of my rear is covered. I don't see that many people wear them as pants where I live. But I was in So Cal last week. and they were worn as pants everywhere!

I have a serious poison eye for leggings. I have never worn them and doubt I ever will. I do wear exercise tights to exercise as they are the most comfortable and functional for my HIIT classes. I do not run errands in my exercise gear except in extreme circumstances (I.e. have to stop to get gas on way to exercise class or will run out). I really dislike the whole athaleisure concept. I agree that "just because you can doesn't mean you should". That being said, I recognize that I am in the minority and everyone is free to let their fashion flag fly.

I think it’s a fine line because people may not realize their once-thick leggings have gotten thin and revealing, or just weren’t the ‘thick enough’ type to begin with. I have seen it affect how a young woman was perceived at the office - by other women. The older generation just doesn’t necessarily see them as a professional choice even in a casual office, yet.
That said I do see some positives. They can be a great equalizer for kids in school, easier and cheaper than figuring out jeans, and even inclusive for people wearing modest moslem dress (the leggings are looser and worn under long tops, but still very similar to what other are wearing). It’s interesting to see how a lot of kids have defaulted to a very basic uniform even when they don’t have to!

Biggest fashion point of contention raising my dancer daughter.

IMO, leggings are NOT PANTS. I'm fine with them as exercise wear, and can sign off as leggings or hosiery. But I don't think they work as stand alone items.

However, if you live in dancewear 24/7, I can reluctantly agree that you are used to showing your body in this way, and it's an easy leap to move from athletic wear to athleisure and wear leggings as pants. (but I still hold firm that this is NOT a standard for everyone!)

I will wear thick athletic leggings for fitness classes and working out. Those are in the gear category. I do not wear them out and about, or while running errands. I wear leggings as leggings, with long tunics, toppers or as hosiery. My bottom and upper thighs are completely covered.
I most frequently wear leggings when at home or working/ walking on our property. We live on acreage that is private. If someone is coming over I change into jeans. I will also wear leggings as pajama bottoms, especially in the winter. It is super easy to slip a pair of boots on over the fitted leggings, for trips outside with our dogs.

I would if I could!

I took a WIW pic recently that honestly surprized me, and not in a good way! I'm not sure if I posted it or not, but I do know that I got in touch with my trainer right away, because that was awful. We'll see what I can do by summer.

For now, leggings are with a tunic only. Wearing them with a dress or skirt doesn't feel right to me.

Only under pants or jeans in a deep freeze of winter.

I wear leggings to yoga and the gym and running. My tops are to my waist or high hip. I don't worry about it at all. I might do errands after any of these things.

I occasionally wear them in winter as loungewear or under long tops or skirts - or with rainboots and a long raincoat. These ones are ponte and very thick.

If they are thick leggings I don't mind seeing them as pants for casual wear. Like with all clothing items they suit some people and not others.

I honestly think they can look fine.

I only have one pair of leggings which are summer weight. I will wear them as leggings with shorter, above the knee, dresses. I don't wear them as pants and I'm pretty much through with hosiery. I do have a pair of pants that are so skinny, they look like leggings in photos.

I just think after reading so many posts that if they are thick enough, prints on them etc, they can pass as pants. I cannot actually wait to get my first pair!

Nope, leggings are not real pants even if some people wear them as such. There are plenty of people who wear pajamas and slippers out in public and that doesn’t make it appropriate or acceptable, either. I wear capri length leggings for running in warmer temps and ankle-lenth leggings under bootcut pants for running in winter temps.

And this- also on Inge's Link Love thread, because I love the video.

I think my reasoning for not wearing leggings as pants is because I grew up in the 80s. So. Much. Spandex. Shiny-ness. I did wear leggings as pants in the 90s, when I was young and had a different body, but that ship has sailed so I do cover my butt and girly bits now LOL

Oh yeah Cindy! When I first wore them to "Jazzercise" in 1985 I had a leotard over top and they were called "footless tights"

Ha ha ha -- I barely wear pants as pants these days. Meaning, with age, I have found that I prefer a little more coverage in that middle region. No tucking in, nothing clingy, etc.

I'll wear leggings with a long tunic or a short dress and that's about as daring as I'll get with them.

I wear leggings to Yoga. I prefer to cover my butt outside of Yoga.
I wear leggings with long tunics to mid-thigh. The leggings I wear are thick and substantial. In the winter they are fleece lined.

As with several above, not me but yes my daughter. I like leggings under dresses (as hosiery) but not as pants or under tunics on me. My daughters go to different schools with different dress styles. One of them regularly wears leggings as pants, but also wears jeans (skinny, high waisted of course). I am not going to stop her - I prefer to influence indirectly in these matters.