Heh, I am still enjoying this thread.

It occurs to me that complaining about leggings being see-through is a bit like saying you don't wear t-shirts because they're sheer. It's an overgeneralization. Many t-shirts are thin enough to show off more than most of us want to, but there are plenty of substantial t-shirts out there too.

Of course, there are many folks who don't wear t-shirts as standalone tops, or only wear them as gear (see the pattern?). Weren't t-shirts sort of the leggings on the 20th century? Undergarments that migrated into casual wear?

In Peri's defence, I don't think anyone is issuing an edict, FI. This is indeed the most interesting thread in ages - and clearly an emotionally fraught one. I do agree though that there are wildly differing ideas as to what constitutes a legging and what constitutes a ponte pant. Two very different things.