Hi ladies! During my time here on YLF I've had a lot of questions about how I do my hair, take care of the curls, etc. which, to my surprise, have increased quite a bit since cutting my hair short. I never really considered that my hair was worthy of talking about until coming here, to be honest

I've replied to various posts with various info, which I think come up when one searches for them. But now I am thinking of writing a proper detailed blog post about what works for ME (process, products, methods, etc), and then I got thinking that a video might be a better way to explain some of it... Which of course means I'd be getting into a lot more work to produce all the information, even though I actually don't spend much time on my hair.

My hair is both fine and thin, so I don't think all of the information would necessarily be relevant for normal thicker curly hair, but I definitely know that info on my particular curly hair type is slim. So I'm curious how many of you would find this useful before I take time to write/film it all (obviously I couldn't do a vid on the long hair at the moment, but I could write about it).

YAY - I would find this information useful
NAY - I can find this information via the forum/Google search

If only a particular thing is useful to you, please vote YAY and explain in the comments what that is. Thank you!