Prompted by Angie’s blog post today, I have been thinking about how my footwear habits have changed in the last few years.

Pointed toe styles suit me — they fit my feet well, and they generally look good on me too. But they also read dressier and not as substantial as other styles, so I find my pointed toe shoes and boots rather neglected of late. My collection is below in Finds. There are some in there that I’ve had for many years but they’re still in great shape and I like them, but others I feel more neutral about. For some reason I am not drawn to metallic shoes as much as I used to be. I’m not sure why, but that leads me to feel more meh about those 2 pairs of metallic boots.

I counted my lug sole black suede boots in this category even though they are only slightly pointed — I love those boots and find them so versatile! The toe silhouette keeps them refined, while the sole makes them more substantial and stompy, which I want more and more these days. I feel like the strong sole grounds my look and helps balance out the extra weight I’m currently carrying.

My old cowboy boots, although beloved, have gone unworn for years. I’m not sure about getting rid of them because I feel they may yet have another moment in the future, likely with bootcut jeans.

How are you reconciling pointed toes and other dressier footwear with an increasingly casual world? Or are you? I still think they’re pretty to look at, but I’m not as inclined to buy them as I once was.