So I’m doing my morning browse on Twitter and I just came across this fashion blog:

Has anyone mentioned it yet? It got on my feed through the #DOC tag (Diabetes Online Community). The blog’s author wrote a piece for ( about people joking about eating a cupcake and getting diabetes. Type 2 diabetes specifically, which has a big big exercise, weight loss, and diet component (as well as medication).

The thing about this is, people accuse Type 2s of eating and slothing their way into the disease. People come down hard and they come down often. They nag you about putting a teensy-weensy packet of sugar in your coffee.

But its not true. Rather, you eat and exercise your way into controlling the symptoms. This article states it and states it clearly. It’s the sort of disease that’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. And being overweight is a reflection of a person’s metabolic difficulties with Type 2. It isn’t the root of it. If you don’t have those genes, you’re not gonna get it. Cupcakes or no cupcakes.

The misinformation is so bad, Type 2s will avoid the sugar packet and then go eat a lot of tortillas and fruit. Doctors will say ‘don’t eat sugar,’ overlooking the fact that people don’t understand if it’s not a fat or a protein, it’s a sugar. You’re gonna have to eat ‘sugar,’ because you have to eat. It’s really about how much of a sugar punch a food delivers. A tortilla and a glass of juice smack you upside the head with just a little, whereas a ton of veg is a little shove.

Anyways, the writer, Alysse, has a link with her Amazon fashion faves. I think she’s fab. I’m not Type 2, but I’ve sat thru a lot of diabetes classes with Type 2s... and it usually makes me pretty angry...