I have often see the terms "Ponte" and "Ponte knit", and I understand it to be a tight jersey-like fabric. But I would like to know more, like:

- Is "Ponte" the name of the fabric itself, or rather of the weave? Does the fabric usually contain polyester? Or can it consist of various fibres?

- What is "Ponte" called in languages like German, French, and the Scandinavian languages? -- In Scandinavia, where I live, I have never seen the (English?) term "Ponte" used on any labels etc., though many clothes are imported ... I am pretty sure, though, that "Ponte" items exist here, too, and I wonder what they are called.

- Are the terms "Ponte" and "Ponte knit" mainly used in North America? Or are these terms in common use also in UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries?

- What do you like -- or not like -- about Ponte? Do you have a favourite Ponte item?