After seeing Angie's new embroidered jeans I just had to click on the link of course. This was a big mistake because I saw this embroidered denim jacket on the side which started to pull at my heart strings right away.
Sadly it costs more than I would like to spend on a trendy item right now and also it may be too short for me so I went away.
Then somebody on the forum mentioned using an embroidered patch for the jeans and it gave me an idea...crazy idea: what if I get an embroidered patch and use it to update my existing Gap denim jacket I have for several years? Here it is in my finds. It is a faded moto jacket from Gap from 3 or 4 years back.
I went on Etsy and was lost for several days in a sea of available embroidered patches there. At last I selected several flower patches I especially liked. ##1 and 2 I would use from the shoulder as in the inspiration jacket. ## 3 and 4 I would use "growing" from the hem up - all on the back.
For some reason I really like a combination of pink with light blue so these are the colors I went for. However #5 captured my attention too and I like red a lot...just not sure how would it look with light blue.

So tell me before i pull a trigger on Etsy: is this a crazy idea? Do you see this jacket working for embroidery? And if so - which one would you select?

I have been very scarce on the forum lately as life is really getting the best of me and in general fashion took a hiatus ... this is one of those rare fashion desire moments which happen to me lately

Thanks for your help in advance!

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