I'm not even sure I will get there, but I was considering the BR tuxedo jacket for a work "festive attire" evening party.
Unintended teaser--no outfit photos as have not even had time to try.

A possible option is tapered pants, a plain black T, and pumps, with the jacket.
My black pumps have a thin gold band at the back (shown) but I am assuming that will be fine with silver jacket based on no one being able to see very well and, well, oh well!

If that works, it would be simple, fairly comfortable and I think appropriate. but I will look like a BR-catalog copycat.

I have an option for a dark moody blue rayon T, or maybe a print, and these are things I'd try on as well. and see if one just looked beter than another, or lies better under the jacket.
I'm saying T, because that's what I have, and it's not going to be very cold and I plan to keep the jacket on. I do have a LS merino dark blue or black tops and blouses I could try, but even I could overheat in that.

For a bag, I may have to go all-black, with a black clutch, as I have silver but that's too much. If I had a small ruby red or something that would be fun.