I like both the dresses in your finds and think they are worth trying - or something similar to the white one. Re the striped top - I really always like to have one too. I find solid light coloured tees hard to wear - so enjoy the stripe for that reason.

So pleased that things are getting better in California!!

nemosmom, maybe I just need to admit that dresses are my go-to, especially in warmer weather...which is most of the time here.

shevia, fingers crossed that we're past the last surge and can stay open this time.

Sal, that actually makes a lot of sense about the striped tops being a way to lighten up without going full, solid, light-color. I'm even finding the ivory cami I added last year a bit hard to wear.

I love your capsule! I see a fair bit of Hackwith Design House on Poshmark and eBay, so fingers crossed that you can find that white dress.

Looks amazing Jenn - and pieces that will stand the test of time, so they'll fit with the ethics of your wardrobe as well as your aesthetic.

Hope you can get that white dress! Two new dresses does not sound too much, especially with your long summer season.

Gillian Pearl, my size is hard to come by on resale sites, so I’m not holding my breath, but you never know.

Helena, I hope that’s true, but also, I wear the heck out of my clothes, so they’re probably not goi g to be around to worry about in five or ten years when styles have radically changed.

Bijou, I just have to be careful because I know I’m not in the mood to wear a dress every day and I do t want to back myself into that corner.

Update: I tried to order the black tiered midi today and it’s out of stock until late May, so it definitely won’t be a centerpiece of my spring capsule. Sooo....both dresses are no-go’s. Back to the drawing board.

Oh, bummer about the Wrap dress! In general I’m noticing much smaller stocks and more sell-outs this year than in the past. And it seems like more companies are listing things as pre-orders with weeks or months wait time. Supply chain is a challenge...

I totally agree with Sal that striped tees are perfect for adding just a little bit of white without it feeling like too much.

Spoke with the owner of the one local shop I have been in since before Christmas (where I got my rose/pale burgundy gloves) reports having orders cancelled and lots of supply chain issues. She is scrambling for interesting S/S stock!

Another lantern pant by Cut Loose https://www.fawbushs.com/cut-l.....sAHaY_5fLZ

If you sew there are a couple of several patterns: The Picasso Pant by Sewing Workshop and Tessuti patterns Tamika. Both have elastic waists so easy makes. Great linen at either fabricstore.com or fabric-store.com. Mood in LA also has good linen.

Bummer about the dresses. My feeling is you can't have too many black dresses.

I enjoy your blog and am interested in your youtube channel. What is your channel name, if you don't mind sharing it.

La Ped and RunCarla, that's really interesting about the stock levels. I hadn't even thought about that, but it makes total sense after a very uncertain year for clothing retailers.

Lynn, I don't sew, but I do like those Cut Loose pants! And so lovely to hear that you've been enjoying the blog. You can get to the YouTube channel by clicking through to the website in my profile here. It's linked prominently on the front page now.

The first and second dresses are my favorites. OK maybe especially the first dress - gorgeous colors!

Back ordered til May still gives you plenty of summer to wear the dress.

Just watched your video on vision boards. Great observation that you can only use images other choose - already curated for you.

Not having checked in on this thread since my initial comments, I see that my use of a retail marketing term caused some consternation . I worked in fashion in manufacturing, retail and wholesale roles for more than 20 years - starting in the early 80's. This was a common, well-used and understood name for a very large and lucrative segment of the market. Jenn has explained the origin of the term and the use of that word very well. Yes, it can carry a derogatory connotation , and thankfully I have people like cat2 here to call me out on every written misstep I make. However.......my comment was directed to the writer of this post - Jenn - who I know knows exactly what I'm talking about and understands how to take it, and not to anyone else . I am sorry that it struck the wrong tone with readers of this post and I do understand my snarky shorthand needs to be reigned in . Consider the term struck from my vocabulary.

Sloper, by the "first and second dresses," do you mean the ones in the original post? The others are all dresses that are currently in my closet. I'm coming around to "black dresses in multiple silhouettes" being a signature part of my style.

Fashintern, ...but not a lot of spring! I very well might still order it, but it wouldn't be appropriate for high summer here unless I never planned to leave the AC.

Vildy, I feel similarly about Pinterest sometimes, too. Sure, you theoretically have the whole Internet to choose from there, but our experience, even of the "whole Internet", is always filtered and targeted. It's easy to get caught in a bubble.

lisa p, the pants came and they're pretty much the perfect pull-on, quick-dry beach pants. Yay!

Great! Eddie Bauer has some great finds. I think I need to check them out for exactly this kind of pant myself.

Somehow I completely missed this thread until now, but I really hope you can find that white dress. It’s such a nice cut. I’d be tempted by it in the black Lyocel but I’m not sure it would be cool enough for our summers. I’m always on the lookout for another breezy black summer dress and they are not easy to find. If I see the white crop up on Poshmark I’ll let you know, as I’m keeping an eye on a couple of things there.

I really like that EF cropped jumpsuit too. I bet that would be great on you.

Janet, that second set of Finds are all already in my closet. I have worn that EF jumpsuit into the ground. Loooove it. I think I found an alternative for the white dress! This one comes in black and olive linen, too...and they have sleeveless and long-sleeve versions. I'm just waiting to hear back on a sizing question before I order. (I'd wear it with the wrap in front...it's shown the other way around, but cut to be reversible.)


I like the new dress you’re eyeballing, especially in olive and wrap in front.
Sooo versatile.

Jenna, I hope so!