This is the first fall in nearly a decade that I have not been a graduate student working with human remains in an extremely cold museum. My previous attempts to plan my fall wardrobe were grounded by concerns like "clothing must be sturdy, wash and wear, comfortable, and able to withstand climbing ladders and crawling under tables." Also, most of the time I had a lab coat on, both for warmth and protection from dirt, etc. I did accessorize with jewelry and scarves, but that was limited by practicality (and budget).

Now I work full time in at a university in a professional (not academic) capacity. Although my office is quite casual, and really, even my grad school togs look better than what some of my colleagues wear, I'm finding that I hold myself to a higher (or at least different) standard. This fall, I want my clothes to look: simple but beautiful, well fitting, with an a turn of the century flair. And of course I want to showcase my scarves and jewelry. The Edwardian era, or Belle Epoque, from where I draw much inspiration/influence was all about beautiful textiles, a feeling of opulence, and an "oriental" influence and, frankly, so am I.

Here's what I'm looking for specifically:

  • A couple of midi skirts in plain but rich fabric
  • One or two pair of trousers in a sombre but rich plaid, tweed, or herringbone, and in my fantasy world, they would come with a matching vest
  • One or two chunky but elegant knit wraps/ruanas/capes
  • A navy vest, a pinstripe or herringbone vest
  • High quality, walkable leather boots that either lace or button up or have other Victorian details (my fantasy boots are knee high lace ups with brogue detailing, but I'm only expecting to find ankle versions)
"East meets wild wild west" and "Edwardian gentleman naturalist" are still good descriptors of what I'm after, but I already have plenty of wild wild west and naturalist stuff, so I'm looking to beef up my eastern/oriental, Edwardian, and gentlemanly aspects.

Can anyone other than E(va) and Alasse relate to any of this?

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