This is a taunting season for me because I really, really want to shop!

I came to this forum a couple of months before the pandemic began after finally dropping SOME of the weight I had picked up over the previous ten or so years. I was starting to dip my toes back into the fashion waters after a few years of hiding in black tunics and leggings. Before the weight gain, I had always loved to express myself through my clothing, and I missed that side of myself desperately.

The few new outfits I had optimistically purchased in February/early March 2020 have sat largely unworn during the past year plus of working from home. In the meantime, I gained the weight back and came into spring 2021 feeling uncomfortable in my body and frustrated at myself for losing the progress I had made.

This spring I started down a path to get more fit and bring my weight to a healthier and more comfortable place. (The extra pounds have been murder on my feet among other things!)

I am so proud of myself for dropping twenty-plus pounds in the last few months, I am fitting back into clothes I haven't worn for a few years and actually feel half decent in some of them. I'm itching to start shopping again. BUT:

  1. The plan is for our office to stay WFH until at least January 2022, so my need for office wear will be limited to almost none. I could shop my existing closet for the occasional office visit.
  2. I'm still losing weight. At least that's the plan. I'm hoping I am on track to be down another 20 pounds by the end of the year. I don't really want to put a lot of money into things I won't be able to wear for long.
  3. I am still at the stage where I can shop the back of my closet. I'm just a hair from fitting back into a pair of tan Gap cropped flares that I used to really like. Some elastic waistband pants and knit skirts from the heavier weights will still work. I'm into some old jeans I haven't worn in a few years.
  4. I am probably going to retire in the next year or two, so don't want to invest in a lot of new office wear that may get limited wear. Especially since our workplace is moving to a hybrid model even after we do start coming back to the office.
So, I'm trying hard to stay focused on things I know I will need and maybe a few wants I think will bridge well as my weight continues to change.

The needs:

  • Something to wear to a family wedding in October. Outfit and shoes -- I don't know what I'm going to do for dress shoes on my fussy feet. And I only have eight weeks to figure it out as of today. I quite like that Tubo dress, but don't see myself shelling out that kind of coin on something that will not likely see a ton of wear. Still, keeping an eye out for something similar at a more modest price point - preferably something I can find locally.
  • A long puffer coat for cold temps. I always seem to end up with black, but I'd kind of like something in an earthy shade this time -- camel, brown, maybe khaki. I've seen some on Aritzia's website that might have potential.
  • Maybe new mitts and hat to go with the puffer.
The wants:
  • white or off white jeans -- relaxed straight leg. Don't want to spend a fortune because I hope they will be too big by spring - but if I could find them, this would be my fall indulgence. I've wanted a pair for FOREVER and this forum is really fuelling that itch. (Maybe I'll buy a slightly smaller pair that will be looser by spring?)
  • A white sweater. -- not fitted (I have no waist), maybe with a funnel neck. Light enough weight to drape but not so thin as to be see-through.
  • A light taupe/tan combat type boot to wear with my fictional white jeans. I have a long taupy-oatmealy cardigan and a ton of scarves that would work well with these to lighten up some of my existing all black looks if when I do go to the office
  • Maybe a pair of slightly dressy jogger style pants in olive or dark brown -- looking to shake it up a bit in style and colour, but still need to keep the leg fairly narrow as much of winter involves tucking pants into winter boots!
  • I would probably not say no to a knit top in a bold yellow if the fit, fabrication and price point were right.
The already purchased:
  • Olukai cognac sneakers. I have been thinking about these since LIsaP first wrote about them, and I finally took the plunge. I need to stretch the toe box a teeny bit because my big toe does insist on flipping up as a I walk, but I think these will work both as a casual shoe and one I could "pass" in the office if and when needed. They're also a decent near nude for my skin tone.
  • Creamy pullover. It's one of those wonderfully forgettable colours I can see working with white jeans, with the Gap pants I hope to be into soon, and even with black pants or skirts. I have a ton of scarves that will work with it, too. It feels simple and elegant to me, and a refreshing change from the darks I have been hiding behind.
And, since I really liked Jenn's do not buy list, here's mine:
  • Scarves. I bought several just before lockdown started and many have never been worn!
  • Long cardigans/toppers. I have several and they don't get worn for WFH. They were bought with office wear in mind, so I need to wait and see how they fit into the current picture.
  • Black tops, black pants, black skirts -- you get the picture...
  • Jeans (Except white. I'd like to wait and treat myself to a new pair of blue jeans later in the winter)
If you stayed with me this long, thank you for indulging me in a bit of navel gazing. Both the world and I have changed since a lot I last felt like I had any real style, so I expect there will be some missteps along the way as I figure out what works for my current reality!

New sweater and sneakers in finds below.