Thanks to your stellar ideas, I am well on my way with planning my travel capsule. I’ve incorporated many of them as you can see. I’ve ordered the white crochet open weave sweater, a pale lilac waterproof windbreaker, a hat and swimsuit.

I love the planning — it’s like playing with paper dolls!
Here is my capsule so far but I’m sure there will be adjustments made along the way and I’ll need to try on most everything to see if it works in real life. I want to get the majority of this done because my 86 year old Mom is moving here in June so I know I’ll be busy with getting her moved and settled.

The only thing I’m questioning is the leather jacket, and whether I should replace the white long sleeve tee with another color (maybe green or teal) to add some variety. All my bottoms are neutral, so it would work either way. I have the white crochet sweater listed that seems different enough than the white tee to keep both of them, but another color would be fun.

I have 5 pairs of shoes not including house shoes, LOL, but they all serve their purpose: waterproof sandals for beach and camp showers, platform sandals for nice dinners, hiking boots, comfy hightops for hiking and city walking, nice but comfy boots for cold weather city excursions.

Just doing the math with 10 tops, 3 bottoms and 3 dresses — that’s 33 outfits, and that doesn’t even include third pieces. I’ve planned 12 outfits for each of 4 subcategories: warm weather city and beach, cold weather city, warm weather driving/camping/hiking, and cold weather driving/camping/hiking, so that’s 48 outfits all together and I don’t think I’ve exhausted then possibilities. Whew! This should be plenty to get me through any weather for at least two weeks before doing laundry.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

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