I told myself to NOT spend time. planning outfits for the NAS Kenneth Cole Nutmeg coat until the petite sizes arrived and I was sure one of them would fit, but but I could not help myself.  I created a pinterest board of ideas, and am sharing it here since I know some of you other fabbers like to wear these colors too.  The order is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Every time I go back to this board I find more stuff to add to it, so I just decided to stop. I already have a lot in my fall wardrobe that fits this overall theme, and these colors feel like ME. The pinteresr board includes some outfits I’d wear as-is, some I’d wear with adjustments (like swapping in lower heeled shoes for the high heeled pumps), some represent color combinations I like, and some I just liked from an artistic perspective inspired by that coat.

If for any reason the coat does not work out, I’m still going to use this pinterest board as my fall/winter inspiration with the nutmeg/cinnamon color as the new color I want to add to my wardrobe. You'll see quite a few of Angie's YLF ensembles in the mix.

Hope you enjoy looking!