Jenava! You need flatter white boots, dear girl. That's all. Keep the heels for date night.

All looks you posted are FABULOUS.

"Pickle juice"...very clever! I understand completely what you're talking about. We're not unaffected by our environment. It can be emotionally draining to be constantly aware of the fact that you are different.

Others have some really good advice. My only suggestion would be to take to heart the comment from your coworkers that they actually enjoy seeing someone look different (it appears that that was one of the comments--not only is it OK, but it is appreciated by some of them). So maybe when you're putting together an outfit, remember that some of your coworkers are actually going to appreciate it; you'll be bringing joy to someone's day.

Your outfits look great. I love how the jewelry elevates the look. The white booties are awesome.