Last night my friend and I had some time to kill between dinner (Jose Andres’s Jaleo in DC) and a concert (King Crimson for their 50th year as a band), and she was interested in checking out Peruvian Connection. She scored a couple of great dresses and a top, so I think we have a new PC fan — suntiger will appreciate that!

I brought home this pair of moto jeans. Oddly, I think they’re the same style I tried in Santa Fe, but somehow this pair fits better than what I tried out there (different color, or maybe I tried a different size?). At any rate, I am a sucker for a good pair of moto jeans — for my style they defy trend, and these are super substantial yet stretchy and comfortable so I’m trying them.

I also was smitten with this long leather jacket. I’ve been on the lookout for a longer leather coat or jacket for years. Most of them are too embellished, or don’t fit right, or they’re thousands of dollars. I didn’t take pics but the fit and quality is really nice. The leather is soft but doesn’t seem fragile. The color is a very dark cool brown — it almost reads soft black, so I think it works well on me and would go with everything. There is some slight distressing in the finish, but not so extreme to make it look too RATE for my taste — I think the clean lines keep it refined even with the distressed finish. Just when I thought I was done shopping for F/W!