Lately on the forum, we've been talking a bit about evolving style and our goals. I guess this is natural in the early part of the year as we re-evaluate our closets and get ready for the season ahead.

Anyway, in these various discussions, I've noticed several people say that they are interested in personal style as opposed to fashion or personal style versus trends.

As if these are two opposite ends of a pole of some kind.

I want to register a quiet note of protest.

First of all, for some, an authentic personal style INCLUDES the enthusiastic adoption of, or even the SETTING of trends.

Annagybe is an obvious example on the forum but there are lots of others whose personal style absolutely requires attention to trends.

The fact that they are trendy does not mean they have no personal style.

Plus, unless you are the type of person who sews all your own clothes from old patterns, fashion inevitably informs personal style. And that's true even if you are a modern classic dresser who chooses to restrict yourself to a kind of uniform or signature style. Or even if you're an avant garde dresser.

I understand the desire for a signature style or even a uniform; to some extent I share it (more on that in another post, LOL). The idea is to find those silhouettes, colours, lines, patterns that most fully express your inner essence and to say no to all others. Of course, this can be interpreted more or less restrictively, but the general idea is to focus. And it makes a lot of sense.

I just want to ensure that those who exuberantly embrace capital F FASHION as part of their own personal style don't feel dismissed by the tone of some of these conversations. And I also want to suggest that the dichotomy itself is a false one.

Then again -- maybe I'm completely out to lunch. Mr. Suz accused me of being in a bad mood today and he might be right.