Angie just identified a wardrobe hole in my wardrobe. I need pearl gray spring coat, possibly trenccoat. I did quick search on few of my favorite online retailers and found this 3 contenders.
Problem is all 3 have only one in my size. Two of them are also on sale so much affordable, while the third is from new spring collection and full ( double the price) .
1. Jaeger wool coat. Not sure that doublebreasted is for me, but like the color
2. Rene Lezard, it is mostly polyester, viscose, wool blend, does not look like it is lined, so possibly not warm enough for transitional weather. But like the shape the most.
3. Ted Baker, floral beauty, full price. Statement item definitely, so maybe not what I was looking for, but could not resist to show it to you.

Ao I am mostly torn between 1 and 2, slightly leaning toward 2. They all have free shipping and returns. I want to order one asap, before it is sold out.
So what say you? Which one to order?