The peach chinos are my favorite of the lot. But I can't say I don't approve of any of it for you.

I would keep it all. The fit is superb on all the pieces and the color will really add fun into dressing. You make finding bottoms that fit and flatter seem like a stroll in the park:-)

You read my pre edited post. I was worried it would come across wrong so I changed it.

Wow, I don't like chinos but you are making me re-think my bias. Love all the items.

That skirt is a knockout! It's like it was made just for you!

Onto Chinos ..... After avoiding them for 2 summers, I have recently rediscovered my love for them. I like them best ankle length (or slightly cropped/cuffed) and that length is trending again. I reach most for my navy blue pair (much like yours) so do keep that one. The peach will be good for days when you want something 'different' but not all days are like the navy will be good for those days. I think you should keep all the pants since you've gotten rid of old capris and don't have too many summer pants options.

The sandals are a winner. Definitely keep those!

I do love this skirt and you do it proud! Really nice. It almost asks for a tucked in top and I like your casual approach with the white top. Navy and peach will serve you well and for different purposes. I would get both chinos as you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Thank you for sharing your spring flings--tis all good!

Manny, it's funny about the chinos, isn't it? I guess the last time I wore them, they were probably khaki colored and we weren't really rolling them up or styling them very intentionally, so I have "Target employee" associations for them -- like they are part of a retail employee uniform, along with a polo style shirt with a corporate logo on it. However, I've seen some fresh looks with them where the vibe is casual and sort of beachy, and that appeals to me. One good thing is that I picked a sale day to wander into the store (Anthro has a birthday sale day with snacks and champagne drinks, and I didn't even realize it was going on that day, but my entire purchase was 20% off).

CJ, I would like the idea of tucking a top into this skirt, if that worked on me. Alas, my short-waistedness really throws off the proportions for any kind of tucked in look that doesn't involve a low-ish rise. I will definitely semi-tuck though -- I actually like using an off-center semi-tuck with these styles because it plays with the asymmetrical nature of the skirt. I think this skirt lends itself to tucked tops pretty well though, because the waistband is stretchy, but flat, and the lining in the skirt should help prevent visible top hemline bumps underneath.

OK, now that my wardrobe is ready for spring, we need some spring weather here!


One other question on the chinos...are they the ones called Pilcro Hyphen Chinos? (I think I see them on the online site, they come in LOTS of colors).

The cuffed ones are the Hyphen, and the cropped mint ones are the Stet. I love Pilcro -- they actually cut pants that fit me! I've had very good luck with them. It's funny though, I saw different colors in the store than online, and the online colors are a little off, to my eye. I'll also throw in a word of caution that even though the sizing on Pilcro is ever so slightly generous (I wear a 29 in them and a 30 in Paige or AG for example), some colors of the same style run a little different. The peach size 30s fit me like the blue size 29s do.

what if we didn't call them chino's and just called them straight leg cotton pants? feel better about them?

i love the peach and the mint….they just read spring to me….the navy are nice, but maybe a little more expected…..
and love the sandals, which i also bought, and am trying to decide if they will work for work….

Thanks Janet. And thanks for the warning about diff sizing in diff colors.

I bought 2 pairs of Gap chinos and 2 pairs of JCrew chinos and have been wearing them constantly. I agree that they need to be looser for hot weather wear. I live where it's hot for 5+ months of the year and wanted something other than skirts or shorts for daily wear, so am thinking that this will work. The skirt looks good on you, too. I like everything you posted, even the shoes, but they may be too closed for my long hot summer.

I like them all! And I like Angie's suggestion of getting the skirt in black, too, because it looks amazing on you.

Skirt is dynamite.

I say peach pants too, because that goes so well with blue which you can totally rock as a top color with your hair and eyes (ditto chambray or denim) and then the peach takes advantage of the ligher shoe--doing the nude-leg blend with pants deal.
I like the navy ( I should try this style on!) but it kinda overlaps with denim, so if you only got one......