Thanks for sharing this -- you look terrific: chic and comfortable, with a hint of playfulness.

I’m amazed at how great this looks. First of all, super suit. But the way you wear it is so unexpected, and you pull it off really, really well!

I need convincing to add sneakers to my work wardrobe. Thanks for showing me how!

Suz, you have such a great eye for proportions, color, and knowing what suits you. The feel of this outfit is delightful. It brings out your gamine side, it's very active and simply lovely.

However, if I may, and this is very personal, but I am not a fan of the checkered + stripes. It's just something that my sensibility finds, it's not that it's not beautiful. For me, the two directions are too separate and don't reconciliate well, and this despite your exquisite hair and smile. Or is it the purse? Color is good, but style is too busy. I would really sea a square sleek purse with this outfit.

You look perfect.

I wouldn't enjoy it on myself but like it on you! Re what krishnidoux said: it seems harmonious for me due to the repetition of the white and the plaid. If it was just the pants and top on its own it would feel more chaotic, since it would be a 50-50 proportion.

This is the BOMB!!! Love it on you. So glad that you have moved and get to wear all these killer gorgeous outfits.

How fab is this?!?! I love it!

wow, LOVE! What a great way to make a suit work for play! Plus the black watch is so perfect just as pieces and for dress but you did an amazing job of making it smart casual. Gorgeous with the stripes, sneaks and backpack! Gorgeous!

Gryffin, you and I share a deep love of black watch! It's a moody and slightly introverted tartan. I like that about it. Hmmm. Thinking about it...I know you are the Princess of Darkness, but a black watch accessory or two would fit well into your wardrobe, or perhaps a top that would go under le smoking?

Krish, thanks for being frank. I appreciate all views! I might have preferred a structured bag, also, but I don't currently own one (sob!) -- a subject for another post. In the meantime, this bag worked for what I had on the agenda -- a long walk to a grocer to buy supper.

I think the "suit with sneakers" look is something of an acquired taste -- as comments on Angie's blog post showed. And pattern mixing is also an acquired taste, or one that isn't necessarily shared. Speaking for myself, I love stripes with plaid and with florals and with animal print as well as with solids. A pattern mix is one kind of maximalism I can embrace. (There are others I can't manage for myself, e.g. lot of accessories.) My preppy gene likes stripes and likes plaid and likes them together. But I get that some people might not. And that's okay! Puts the personal in personal style.

This "suit" somehow feels "unsuit-like" to me, i.e. more casual. It might be because I did not buy it as a suit. I bought the pants because I wanted the pants. Noticed the jacket just as I was about to leave the store, saw the sale price, and pounced. The pants have stretch so they are even more comfy than jeans. The jacket is lightweight so it is also super comfortable. I honestly felt casually dressed, which I don't think I'd feel in my more formal Elie Tahari suit. Hmmm.

I liked it so much that I wore it again yesterday!

Oh, I LOVE stripes & checks (and other pattern mixing) as long as the patterns have at least one colour in common and the proportions look OK together. And in my opinion, some WHITE included in one or more of the patterns always serves to make the combo look more clean and crisp.

Just looking at your stunning outfit makes me happy!!-)

Wow, YLF! This is another fab pattern mix! Love the use of white sneakers, which I never can do right:-(.