Oh Laura, maybe we will include that one with either animal print or with the abstract/wildcard/traditional/novelty one.... Perhaps with animal print. I am not sure I will be able to add anything to paisley although I do like it.

Thank you, Sally. I wanted to wear the skirt and did not have anything paid or checked that looked right. Maybe paisley could be paired with floral. It seems a bit like a floral to me.

Yes that is probably a good idea. I have a skirt that is sort of paisley, sort of leaves and sort of feathers....

Sal, paisley is a botanical pattern, so it would fit perfectly into the Floral & Botanical category.

I was mostly joking, noticing that I have no stripes, checks, polka dots, plaid, chevron...only flowers and weird stuff. If you do a weird stuff challenge I'll win.

Next one is floral/botanical/paisley

Then we have other patterns (could be cultural patterns/novelty patterns/abstract patterns etc)

Lastly animal print...

I am not monitoring too closely so just where you think they fit best.

What about camo? Will that go with animal print? Ledonna and Z-J will do well with camo and animal

Brooklyn - those Missoni converse - they looked so perfect when I ordered them but sadly were to narrow for my increasingly fussy feet. I hope you will get lots of fun wears out of them

On the topic of stripes - they are my favorite pattern! I'm afraid that posting numbers would be kind of embarrassing as my current wardrobe consists of stuff from before my weightloss, new stuff and even stuff I held onto during the time I had gained said weight. As I'm still figuring out what works with my new bodytype plus waiting for a style change in progress to settle down my wardrobe is embarrassingly large at the moment.

On the upside - Just returned from a one week holiday on a boat in the Netherlands and got to wear a diffferent striped top every day. Yay

Joha - stripes are a great pattern and of course your wardrobe is bigger after body changes.

The holiday sounds terrific!!