These are amazing. #3 is pure genius. You should team up with Katerina to fight crime.

This reminds me of that time I made a parlor game out of guessing Kibbe types. Everything you’re wearing I would covet if I saw it on the hanger and then I’d walk away from because I know none of it would work for me.

Except that skirt. I could wear the life out of that skirt.

You look sensational as usual, I can't pick favorite. Love, love all so elegant and chic.

Your style exuberance is amazing! I love how you embrace different silhouettes, prints, and colors, but your outfits always look so genuine to you. It's a treat! My fave is #4 but each is a burst of sunshine! Your new bag fits right in :).

Sad to hear that some of your are having to live vicariously through those of us not in lockdown - what a horrible couple of years we have had. I have been very fortunate to be in a State in Australia with minimal lockdowns and no community Covid transmission. Once we get to a 90% vaccination rate, we are planning on opening up.

Approprio - you make a good point about Kibbe. For me, being on the Romantic end of the Kibbe spectrum, architectural clothing just does not work on me. Embracing what does work for me has been a revelation rather than fighting my body type and facial structure. I have to admire minimal and architectural clothing on you and others with Dramatic Kibbe types.