I usually have a few parties/events to attend between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, and typically go with a classic and slightly dressy style, but this year I want to do something different, and I'm starting now instead of waiting until the last minute like I usually do

For most of these events a VERY casual style is totally appropriate. We're talking house parties where half the guys will be in their best plaid shirts and a few may have nicer sweaters, and the women will have a bit more variety but still in tunics/leggings, maybe a blazer/jeans look; no party dresses or fancy pumps.

I just found and ordered these two velvet button down shirts. I love velvet and think it’s lovely texture can be the star of an outfit without adding much other detail. I do NOT want floppy sleeves, embroidery, loose ties…prefer something very simple and these are perfect. I see similar styles in other brands so there will be other options if these don’t work. The dark red is my first choice, but the “mint” could be a lovely surprise.

I’m thinking of two styling ideas (showing some inspirational finds)
1. With coated slim jeans (or maybe jeans with a subtle print) and booties. For the dark red one I’d go with black jeans and black, bronze, or grey animal print booties; but for the mint one I’d go with lighter colors. In either case perhaps a scarf (like the one in the find photo) and/or simple gold jewelry.
2. Worn over my long black velvet sleeveless dress, belted, kind of a western vibe. Not sure how this would look but I bought the dress at a thrift shop and haven’t’ found ways to wear it yet so worth a try. It's ankle length but I could easily shorten it to a midi length.

How would you style a simple velvet shirt like this? (I don't tuck shirts in, and am not that interested in wearing a skirt other than the "over the dress" idea).

Thanks in advance for all ideas!