The reprieve from the Canadian winter seems to be over now and some of us who were in denial are shopping for parkas and puffers. I started taking the bus to work on November 1st after our office relocated to an area with poorer access to good parking. The downside is waiting for an unreliable bus home.

Suz's posts on puffers got me looking and I did a bit of research as well. I came across this article which rated a few of the more popular brands and styles and thought it might be of use to others as well.

I am considering the Marmot Chelsea.

If the Danier Sylvia parka was a bit longer, I think I would get one since the fill power is comparable to the Canada Goose.

Eddie Bauer Stadium parka looks similar in style to the Chelsea as well so that is an options.

For some reason, I am losing the YLF collect so can't add the parkas but have added links to a few.