Nope, not even close to what I see in grocery shops around here... These editors are a lesson in casual minimalism as understood by the fashion industry, while Costco is a public display of how it’s interpreted by the masses.

I’m nodding in agreement with kkards and annagybe here.

I guess they are people just as common as we all are!:-)

Enjoying the discussion here. I like the way most of the team are dressed (I am a fan of mid wash denim and camel) but I find it interesting how similar their looks are. The same thing often happens among groups of work colleagues I have found - that unintentionally you end up shopping similar labels and styles - or sometimes with groups of friends that all have the same hair style. I might have thought that French Vogue staff would be different - but maybe not.

Ok, ok, forget the grocery store thing .

Carefully considered casual, indeed. Maybe because I'm not a fan of light wash denim and camel it's not appealing to me in any way. Always, it was an interesting photo.

I agree with you lisa - even for the grocery store!
To me they don't seem to be dressed in a more modern or fashion-forward way than the average Parisian ladies I see everyday. But I have to admit I might be biased, as don't like light wash denim and camel either.

Speaking of write ups... I feel like EA’s staff is known for a) looking alike and b) being really dressed down...

Anna has a good point about all the hoofing that has to be done at fashion week.

I have a feeling that light wash denim and camel/ tan are a trend; they seem to go with the whole cowboy boot thing -- there's a 70s vibe here. Not 70s glam but 70s grub, or 70s country. With the long "unkempt" hair, etc. A Euro-romanticization of America, too, in a weird way.

Okay, what do I know? I like the suits and EA's coat!

Aww, I just get back from the supermarket and was going to tell you what I saw. "Ordinary looking folks," leggings as pants, gents in spiffy suits and hombergs after church, ultra tidy and tonsured gay couple, retired bikers, placid looking grandfather with rammy grandkids, old dithery fella with longish white hair and baseball cap using self-checkout for one shiny red object, lots of late middle aged ladies in neat non-descript matching "leisure" clothes and me in a sleek dark army green Talbots maxi "rain" coat with nice long slits that blow up in the wind but which cannot serve to carry groceries up the back stairs without stepping on the coat. I think I'm purging it.

Ok. You know what’s funny: People do look like this where I go grocery shopping. And my number one place is Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. The one with the singing muppets.

Their style reads as “American” to me and the lack of stylistic diversity makes me focus on the lack of ethnic diversity.

I guess what I’m saying is they look basic.

Sorry. I’m not usually this mean!

Eva Chen is nailing it right now.

Yes, agree. I mean... these shoes! With
the juxtaposition of the daggy jeans and the glamorous coat. Delightful. On another note, the younger generation doesn’t seem to wear makeup, esp foundation so maybe that’s what’s going on with the vogue pic....

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Actually I kind of took this as a deliberate juxtaposition of "fashion" as industry vs personal style. The women look comfortable. Those look like their real clothes and not something borrowed from the French vogue closet. A kind of smack down that "we sell it" but literally don't buy it. I've always like EA. She looks good and always like herself. I actually really prefer to see photos of what she wears then look at what's being shown. Anna - I really liked your comment. I hadn't thought of status in those terms. That's an excellent point.

Lisa, I love Sarah Harris, she has minimal style down pat but isn't she to wear an amazing statement piece. Love her. Just coming back to suggest that I the Vogue team always look like this. Maybe fashion week is just another day at the office.

I find it disappointing that it looks like they all called one another the night before and agreed to wear the same things. And I must obviously be way off (and probably old fashioned), but IMO, it expresses a certain amount of disrespect to the designers to come to their shows looking like you picked the cleanest things out of the bin to wear. The culture of casual disregards that a certain degree of formality is an expression of respect for the venue, the occasion and others present.

Fashion week IS an event, and it happens twice a year. For these folks maybe it is a month or maybe 6 weeks out of the year. Shouldn't it be an opportunity to ramp up style rather than cop out with the lowest common denominator?

The last outfit (on viewer's right) with the neat hair and full trousers looks professional. The rest don't look particularly aspiration to me.

Not quite on topic, but I found this really funny/interesting. FYI this is the guy who did the whole super popular fake restaurant thing.
Warning swearing, and some slightly risque pics

And then this:

Off-White is definitely fancy streetwear

Omg. I feel a comeback coming on for Georgio Peviani. I mean, I didn’t even have to type that out. My iPhone totally filled in the name for me! Go that Adam dude! Lol

Yeah, that Georgio Peviani hoax was weirdly fascinating. I contrast it to a recent piece by Emma Hill detailing why she no longer puts herself through trying to attend fashion weeks. If only she'd has this knowhow.

My husband asked my advice because he wants to change his style. I didn't have a clue so I decided to look at some fashion week menswear.
I think I better show him the Vogue girls for his new looks.

I agree with Lisa, this seems way too casual and unimaginative. They look American to me, not that that's bad but not even particularly stylish Americans. And it seems too casual for work. I think the suit with the Chucks is fun, I like the plaid coat, but the rest not so much. The jeans third from the right, is it me or is that a really frumpy length?

Ha! I actually like the length 3rd from right.

Maybe Americana is "in vogue" right now? I don't mind the casual outfits because it's what I wear (and purchase) 90% of the time. But that said, if you are in the fashion industry, then maybe you are expected to go the distance a bit more.

I tend to agree Lisa - I would like to see at least a little more polish - but maybe I don't understand style? I do see that they look 'fashionable' but to me there is nothing appealing about what they've got on.

'Comb your hair and put on some lipstick for goodness sake' is my new mantra - LOVE it

What an interesting thread!
I actually like the style a lot. Without any particular analysis though, just like the relaxed casual style. Find it very chic and modern. Generally, I admire great casual outfits because for me, it is the most difficult style to achieve.

I don't have a problem with the editors looking dressed down. That is the style they are trying to cultivate; it is Alt's trademark, and I'm guessing several others'. I would almost be disappointed if they showed up dressed to the nines.

I was the one who gave Inge the link to the Alt interview that Scarlet mentioned. Alt is happy to photograph flamboyant looks for the magazine, but for herself, style is very practical.

I suspect that any group of people heading to work in cold weather would tend to look drab en masse . . . Winter outerwear tends, for practical reasons, to be fairly somber, shape-disguising, and neutral. (A good reminder to introduce more color to outerwear wherever possible--for the sake of all eyes.) Looked at individually, most of these women seem well dressed in ways that suit their individual styles. A bit casual, maybe, but Fashion Weeks can be a real grind, running (often literally) from show to show. Must be hard to do the job in the sort of clothes we might be dazzled by.

I think all of these women have taken the approach of dressing to their style rather than dressing to be photographed. Each woman is wearing something of the moment, whether it be slouchy boots, cowboy boots, Gucci loafers, a suit, double breasted coat, blazer, shearling jackets, wide leg pants etc and I'm sure many are designer pieces. French women typically don't dress head to toe in designer or high fashion, but do fashion in a subtler way. I like that they look relatable and look ready to get on with their work.

I agree that they do not look inspirational. But they are not the only ones. Just think of all the fashion people who for decades have dressed in black from head to toe. Boring. However, I guess that a lot of people who work with fashion (like designers, journalists and photographers) don't see it as part of their job to "look inspirational". Probably, they simply focus on creating or reporting.