So I can't be the only one who has noticed that lately most (lower-end) women's pants are "pull-on" style with either an elastic waistband or a stretch self-fabric waist band.

Sounds comfy, right? Well, for some reason they aren't, for me, at least.

I'm a bit of an apple shape and have a bit of a belly, a flat butt, and thin thighs. I wear anywhere from an (American) size 2 to a size 8, or small to medium, depending on the brand.

Well, I've been trying to update my wardrobe - midlife crisis I guess - and 99% of the pants I find that are under $50 have an elastic waist.

I CAN'T STAND IT!! I'M TRYING SO HARD to wear my several new pairs of pants but by around mid morning I want to scream and rip my clothes off. I don't think I'm wearing too small a size, I mean they LOOK ok, they are just CONSTANTLY SQUEEZING my belly.

So, please, please help me. Do I need to raise my price point? I mean, I guess I could spend a few hundred on some new pants if all I get are a black pair, a grey pair, and a tan pair for work. I have some khakis for the weekend already.

I also would love to find ones with a slim to skinny leg since my legs are so thin, also since I'm an apple I prefer to wear blousy tops so I think I should wear something slimmer on the bottom. I'm 100% ok with online shopping, in fact I prefer it.

I would greatly appreciate any insight or advice.