Hi everyone, sorry I have not been around YLF much lately. I've gotten very busy, was not feeling so well a few weeks ago (nothing serious and over now), and to be honest I was feeling a bit of YLF overload/obsession and had to back off a little. Maybe some of you have also experienced that? I still owe one more posting on ankle boots I ordered from NAS.

NAS got me thinking about fall/winter wear, which got me thinking about pants. I wear them most of the time year round (except high summer) and tend to wear either jeans or slacks and not much else. I want to consider some other choices this fall. I think of pants in terms of style/shape, fabrication, color/pattern, and length. I know there are lots of colors and lengths to choose from, but I'm going to focus on ankle length or longer as a starting point. I'm also not thinking too much about color/pattern just yet. I pulled together what I hope is a comprehensive list in the finds below. (There is a fair amount of overlap between some styles and that's ok).

As you take a quick look at these, do you think of additional styles not shown here that you like to wear? If you can provide finds, even just rough ideas, that would be great. Also any other comments you want to add about what pants you wear in various settings would be great. THANKS!

1 - 4 trousers in various leg widths
5 - 6 Slim or "skinny" pants in woven fabrics and knits including leggings.
7 - 10 Jeans: straight leg, skinny (boyfriend too although not pictured)
11 - Chinos/Khakis
12 - 16 Athleisure Styles; this category seems very broad and I bet I haven't covered all the possibilities
17 - Cargo Pants; sometimes with a cuffed bottom
18 - Harem Pants; can't leave these off this list given how often they are discussed on YLF although they are not my cuppa

I have purposely excluded wide leg and wide flare pants of all lengths. Those are definitely valid styles to add to a complete list, but I don't think they are flattering on someone as short as me. I have also excluded true workout gear because to me that's a totally separate category.