It seems every time I turn around another pair of pants is too big for me. With slouchy boyfriend styles, it's okay, I can fudge a size too large for a while. However, other than boyfriend/straight leg styles, I'm pretty much out of luck with what's in my closet. I have ZERO skinnies/tapers right now, after a mostly size-based purge, so a lot of my tops have become orphans. To make matters even worse, pretty much all of my casual skirts ended up in the rag pile after heavy wear this summer.

We are making a long-distance move in ~1 month, so I'm really hesitant to add a bunch of new pants right now, especially since I'm not quite ready to get rid of all the too-big ones just yet (you never know). Plus my life right now is quite casual, no dress code/WAHM, so it's hard for me to figure out if new pants are a need or a want.

I feel like my options are:

1. Create a small "pre-moving-day" capsule around 2-3 pairs of pants that look okay and wait to replenish my wardrobe until I move (I'll also be in a different climate, but it will be one I'm more used to than where I am now), and put everything else in boxes. The benefit will be having less stuff to move, and saving a little money.

2. Buy a couple of new pants that fit well and will allow me to wear a wider variety of tops and shoes right now. The benefit will be greater flexibility, less frequent laundering (I have a toddler, so I can't get too minimalist or before I know it everything is covered in spaghetti sauce!), and potential crisis-aversion.