Beautiful Suz. Blue and burgundy are so flattering on you. I love those jeans. Your wardrobe works so well.

Looking gorgeous Suz. I completely agree with Style Fan that burgundy and blue work wonderfully for you.

That is a great way to wear your “ Russian princess coat”- over a column of rich deep colors.

Another spectacular Suz look, the kind I would pin if I had a pinterest board.

Question: If you were to describe a style moniker based on just the sleeveless version of this outfit (no layering) in isolation, what would it be? To Carla`s request for updating YLF profiles: I really don`t know how to describe my style. In images, this one is it! I tend toward Duchess Kate in color, fit, and the best quality that I can afford (not hers, of course), but even she is sometimes too staid for my taste (crew necklines, long sleeves, skinny jeans). I like Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and some Bacall—but I can`t wear the latter as well as Carla. And I like to add liberal doses of color and currency to all of these. Just curious as to your keen eye and verbiage, Suz. I also wear the long column earring as a favorite facial frame, so this outfit ticks that box for me, too!

Gorgeous outfits! And you look happy and radiant.

You look beautiful, Suz. How is the job market in IT in Vancouver? DS1 is looking for a new job after a buy out of the company he worked for in Tokyo. I think he would like Vancover. His Japanese girlfriend might even consent to go to Canada but refuses to live in the US because of gun laws.

Great outfit! Love the top, it makes the whole thing more festive and that coat! Best buy ever!

OMG that coat!!!! It makes all the difference, really. Then I love your subdued column of color(ink blue) but playing with textures (jeans and jaquard) +showing a little skin- is always very very classy to me-and love the way you wraped that shawl around your shoulder. Just curious which veteran YLF member's Santa was?:-)