I have a wedding next weekend in Florida. I was planning to wear my orange Vince Camuto sheath dress but a few weeks ago decided that it may be a little too warm. It is quite a heavy fabric with 3/4 sleeves and a scalloped detail on the hem and sleeve. I wore it to 3 weddings last year and enjoyed it.
I looked around and found the turqouise dress in finds below last week and purchased it. I am now having second thoughts as the fabric is really quite cheap and I'm just not sure about it.
I was going to accessorize it with a fuchsia pashmina and gold jewelry , the color is good for me. I have nude Okala shoes that work with it. The wedding is going to be at the Biltmore Hotel and will be fancy , I'm starting to feel like I need something nicer with very little time left to shop. I always do this, second guess myself at the last minute. Does anyone else do this???