Roxanna's post about rebound shopping resonated. (This is a partial repost of my comment on that post.) I find myself craving something more dramatic than my work-from-home uniform, to remind me that the world still exists out there.

I don't need anything - it's absurd to buy anything dressy - but I'm itching to try out new blazers, shoes, all the things that are impractical for my new work-from-home life. I always get the shopping itch in the fall. It's more intense now after 6 months of no shopping, but I'm still not going to stores, and I'm reluctant to order much online, so I'm keeping myself in check.

I did buy a few trendy things to liven things up: crazy Converse that I love, the padded shoulder muscle tee that all the bloggers wear, and a cable knit sweater vest. They're all practical enough: the Converse fill a real need for comfortable walking shoes (the only time I leave the house now), the muscle tee is ridiculous but easy enough to wear on walks to the park, and the sweater vest (not yet arrived) might be a good weight for sitting at home on zoom.

I also bought a few more oversized button down shirts over the past few months, since I sit on zoom all day and want to look professional yet cool. T-shirts were my default in the before times, as part of an overall outfit, but when people only see my top I want it to look more polished.

Now I need to come up with some way to enjoy my new clothes. I've been putting more effort into my daily zoom outfits. And after months of only walking in the quiet parts of my neighborhood, I've decided to roam the trendy outdoor restaurant area, even though it's a bit too packed with people. So it finally feels worth wearing something interesting again!