Have just returned from vacation/holiday on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca.Temperatures were in the low 30 degrees daily with not a cloud in the sky,a welcome relief after the wettest June on record in the UK.
I always find it difficult to pack,not from the temperature point of view but from the activity/accommodation perspective.As a family we rarely do the same type of holiday twice so knowing what to take is always a little bit of guess work.I do what I guess a lot of you do when faced with this conundrum,work out roughly what I think we are going to do then try and pack accordingly.
So this was mainly a beach /poolside holiday.We were likely to do a day trip,some short walks,snorkelling,meet friends for dinner and eat in the hotel restaurant every evening where we were asked “to consider what we wear”.(that covers a multitude of possibilities doesn’t it!)
I’m afraid that I didn’t get a lot of photos of what I wore,the vast majority being swimwear and no body needs to see that!but I have included some pictures below in no particular order.
#1. Palma cathedral(and later a visit to Valledemosa#2same day,wearing loose 3/4 length crops,shirt sleeved linen shirt,big white hat and day pack.
On feet white timberland sandals.Big shout out for the timberlands,extremely comfortable could walk all day in the heat with no blisters.
#3beach at Resort of Cala d’or #7 snorkelling of the beach in rash vest and swim shorts
#4 and #8 marina at Resort.Wearing wide leg crops on Navy tencel.Very
cool in the heat with white linen swing top.
#5outside Hotel in khaki shorts from Gap and my new summer shirt(flamingos!)Red Victoria plimsolls
#6out for a walk,going past a welsh(!)bar.Wearing pink Nike swim shorts with a white tee over bikini top.This way we could leap into any cool body of water that we came across without the palaver of changing on the beach and it was so hot that walking back in wet swim wear was actually a pleasure.
My post holiday clothing analysis.
Footwear-great.Took flipflops for poolside,Tan sandals for evening,white sandals and red plimsolls for the day.This all worked well,particularly as I have already said the white timberlands.
Daywear-fine.All I took was airy and light with sufficient cover that with suncream I didn’t get burnt.
Evening-mmm,not so happy with this in retrospect.Could have definitely taken a couple more floaty,semi dressy dresses .
Swimwear,argggh!Its years since I ve done “poolside”and I definitely need to up my swimwear game.There were a lot of impossibly glamorous people by the pool and on the beach,l mean accessorising your leopard skin bikini with a matching leopard skin turban,I didn’t think to bring a matching hat for my swimwear!And obviously apart from being a hundred years older than almost everyone I was also the only non tanned person(I only saw one other rash vest being worn)and I lacked the apparently ubiquitous wash board stomach.And on top of this I got stung in the face by a jellyfish and spent the day looking like I had had dodgy lipfillers done!
Having said this we had a great time and I didn’t let it put me off,
.Me and my varicose veins marched down to the pool and sea daily with out apology!
Well done if you ve stuck with me so far.What are your favourite holiday packs and what have you regretted not taking with you when you ve been away?

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