Having a sort of almost-not NAS because of several things, one  being in pre-retirement contemplation mode, which focuses the "Do I really need anything" lens a LOT and steers me away from my typical work-attire mode.

I tried a few pairs of jeans, though only showing the full-length Paige. Drawn to the dark wash and promise of bootcut but like others, I would have to hack off a good 4 inches or so and therefore would lose a good bit of the bootcut. I saw from reviews that these are pretty slim-fitting and that's how I find them. Am a bit ambivalent because I always figured I "need" more of a trouser-fit, bootcut darkwash jean as a "classic", and YET the thing that puts me more at risk for frumpiness with pants is too much roominess in the thigh unless it's intentionally a drapy woven trouser, as with pleated styles.  I have off-loaded a number of pants, jeans, & chinos that were too sloppy/baggy in the rear and thigh for this reason.

SO my question is, with hemming, these become more of a "baby bootcut" but  I do like a modest bootcut over any sort of true "flare". They are quite slim and wonder if that is not really flattering on me? 
IRL they do give a longer legline than I think comes through in the photos, which always look a bit foreshortened to me.

I have them coming in the next size up (had to stalk for that) in case the fit is better with more ease. But will lose fit in the waist with that.

Showing with the Pikolinos boots in the burgundy color. For me these jeans would be cool weather, low boot or chunky sneaker jeans. Not at all sure where they fall on the spectrum of classic, trendy, or something else. I guess obviously not " of the moment" trend,which would actually be okay for me.

ETA: Tried on the next size up — no pics because I don’t think they show up that well with the dark jeans.
The bigger size feels more comfortable but does have a lot of extra room in the back waist so would need taking up there. They are still very fitted on the thigh, a bit less skinny on the calf. The smaller size still looks acceptable but is tight enough in crotch and thighs that I’m way more “ aware” of being in a snug and somewhat confining fit, if that makes sense. Since I want these to have some “ classic “ longevity and be something I would reach for, I think the better “ feel” is good, as well as being perhaps a bit less prone to looking “ tight”.
I know critiques are limited since y’all can neither see nor feel them, but how does this resonate with your fit experiences?

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