definitely keep ... I love them. As far as bootcuts and sneakers go, I've done this, only with sneakers that are on the fancy-ish side, and I still feel too sporty cute, as opposed to tall and long-legged, which is what I always hope for with bootcuts.

Ensembles that look trendy and cool on others often look dumpy on me, and that’s kinda what I am afraid of with the bootcut-sneaker combo. I guess the only way to find out is to try, huh?

Wow! These look fantastic.

Is the rise really 9.5? I have the same issue as Chris.

Aha - yes, sporty-cute is a great way to phrase that. I do not want to look sporty-cute.

Fit looks great! Happy you found a pair that works for you.

These captured my attention to register as stunning on you, despite the distracting eye candy of a very handsome pup lounging on your bed. So glad you are keeping! Do you use the Nordy’s tailor? When they went too short on a hem for me, the store gave me a whole new pair of jeans, so if you trust the tailor at your store it’s a bit of an insurance policy. My Nordy tailor also suggests I wash the jeans before she hems to avoid any possibility of shrinkage, and they still give me the points.

Agreeing with UmmLila and others on bootcuts with sneakers. In my short-legged case it’s amplified by the hem-shoe contrast as my bootcuts are mostly dark denim. Yet my super-wide leg Rag & Bone Ruths, which are full-length on me, look ace with sneakers, go figure.

Oh wow, Janet - these look amazing on you! So glad you're keeping them.

These jeans look fabulous on you. So much so I stalked the jeans for the last couple of days of the NAS to find my size. My jeans just arrived and they are amazing! They ran true to size and I am not going to have them hemmed (I am 5'8 for reference). Thank you Angie for this great recommendation!