It seems I've just barely finished the laundry from my Iowa bike trip (all hot weather clothing and gear!), and now it's time to pack for my vacation with hubs in celebration of my upcoming big landmark half-century birthday. Ack! We leave the day after tomorrow, flying into Oslo, and I'm scrambling to get things done before we go AND pack for a trip for which we've barely thought through an itinerary. In fact, we seem to keep changing our minds about what we'll do once we're in Oslo. At first we were thinking we'd take the train or drive to Bergen, and then explore the fjord region and spend most of two weeks out in the coastal part of Norway. However, J and I have both had a lot of rural time in the last month or so, and we're now thinking we might like to spend a little more time in cities and towns, perhaps getting more of a taste of Copenhagen, Stockholm, etc.

So, first of all, if anyone has firsthand knowledge of what kind of clothing we might want to pack for somewhat flexible, casual travel in that area, I'd appreciate any insight. I'm thinking jeans, my moto pants, comfortable booties and walking shoes, long sleeved tees, a couple of scarves, rain jacket... Should I bother with a dress for a nice dinner? I don't know how casual the establishments are in these cities.

Also, of course, we welcome ideas of any places we absolutely should not miss! Neither of us have traveled in this region before (other than me flying through Tromso on the way to Svalbard, which doesn't count! ;-). We're feeling adventurous at the moment, but will probably want a couple of days of some really relaxing downtime at a spa or resort as well.

Thanks for indulging me in this inquiry, and all suggestions welcome! I'm so accustomed to planning my travels so thoroughly in advance, this is going to be a bit outside of my comfort zone, but hey, it will be fun!